Stellantis EVs Get Battery Swapping in 2024

EV Battery Recharging: 5 Mins with Ample

Gigantic carmaker Stellantis is collaborating with Ample to introduce electrical-vehicle power-up technology, delivering a totally electrified battery in merely five minutes.

Stellantis seeks to embed Ample’s complex Modular Battery Exchange mechanism in its electric automobiles, including the Fiat 500e, Maserati Grecale Folgore, and GranTurismo Folgore. In short order, an all-electric version of the Dodge Charger, RAM 1500 REV, and Chrysler 300 will be made available.

Battery swapping could make it possible for clients to substitute their fallen flat battery for one that is fully charged at a specialised switching station, drastically reducing the amount of time required to wait and thus leading to a refuelling encounter more like an ordinary one. However, how do these batteries work with automobiles manufactured by Stellantis?

Due to its modular configuration, the Ample battery pack is able to fit in the location formerly filled by the stock battery. This implies that Stellantis can capitalize on Ample’s technology without restructuring any of their vehicles and implies that other auto producers may be able to utilize this system as well.

The enterprise is slated to send off next year in Madrid, Spain, featuring a mass of 100 Fiat 500e electric cars part of the Free2Move car-sharing program. At the time the project is set into motion, Ample’s battery swap technology will be attainable to customers through a subscription service. In hypothetical, this would lessen the initial cost of removing the auto and support the consumer, being that the greatest power source technology could be readily accessible for them.

Some vehicle producers do not view battery-swapping technology as advantageous; nevertheless, certain manufacturers are still investing in the notion. One such firm is Fisker, which has resolved to implement Ample’s modular batteries by 2024.

“The Modular Battery Swapping solution from Ample has the potential to provide our customers with increased energy efficiency, remarkable performance, and reduced range anxiety,” remarked Ricardo Stamatti, Senior Vice President of Stellantis’ Charging & Energy Business Unit.

The battery swaps would take place at stations that can be put up within three days. Such a short deployment time implies that Ample’s battery swap facilities can rapidly appear in densely populated locations, allowing the company to meet the increasing demand from EV owners. After parking the car inside, all the operator needs to do is initiate the process from a mobile app, and a freshly charged battery unit will be secured onto the vehicle inside five minutes.

A utility like this is sure to prompt additional ICE vehicle proprietors to consider going electric, and we anticipate it gains popularity.

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