Striking McLaren F1 LM Transformation from Boxster

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An eBay UK listing recently offered buyers the chance to own a replica of the esteemed McLaren F1 LM; a customized Porsche Boxster. Located in the Czech Republic, the vehicle had been modified so as to emulate the renowned 1990s-era racing version of the supercar.

Recreating expensive luxurious supercars with more budget friendly sports cars is not uncommon, and some even modify regular vehicles to resemble cartoons. An example of this is the McLaren F1 LM imitation constructed on a Porsche groundwork, fitted with a fibreglass covering that emulates the look of the original.

The studio has revamped the cabin to reflect the constant-driver locale of the McLaren F1, featuring facing chairs for the passengers to each side of the motorist. The vehicle also provides a hydraulic entrance suspension system, which elevates the front bumper to clear curbs and speed humps – typically something only available on supercars.

This imitation’s motor is a normal 3.2-liter flat-six from a Porsche Boxster S, as opposed to the original McLaren F1’s 6.1-liter V12. Despite the fact that the Porsche engine is highly distinguished, it pales in comparison to the power and unique roar of the McLaren F1, which earned a top speed production car record of 240.1 mph.

The provider does provide the alternative to alter the mimicry by incorporating a BMW V12 powertrain and a hands-on transmission for an undefined supplementary cost. Force is sent to the rear tires via a changed five-speed automated gearbox with paddle shifters in the back of the wheel.

The car was listed for a whopping £150,000 as a “buy now” option (roughly $185,000), more than double the cost of a similarly equipped Porsche Boxter S. The seller noted that the car would come with “drawing documentation” in addition to its original Porsche documents. The listing has since ended, yet there is no confirmation whether or not it has been sold.

The cost of an imitation might at first appear vast; nevertheless, it is nothing compared to the value of a real McLaren F1, let alone that of a LM variant. In 2021, one of these authentic models sold at a public sale for $20.465 million. To top it off, the model re-created herein is even scarcer, with only six built ever, earning it the title of world’s rarest car.

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