Subaru Launches Air Mobility Concept

What’s Next for Travel?

Subaru has recently presented a plethora of concepts at the Japan Mobility Show, yet quite possibly the most surprising was the ‘Subaru Air Mobility Concept.’ Traditionally, car producers have not produced such lofty ideals, but in recent times they appear to now find the thought exceptionally enticing. Not much is assumed about Subaru’s concept however it surely appears as if the firm is taking its mobility to next level heights.

The company has expressed that they are becoming increasingly intrigued by the potential of flying cars, which could “revolutionize air travel.” This vehicle is the result of recent progress in electric powertrain development and automation, which have opened up a range of possibilities. It is reported that aerospace and automotive engineers are currently collaborating on flight tests with the concept to prepare for the future.

The automobile is fundamentally nothing more than a giant unmanned aerial vehicle featuring six fans and a cockpit area that resembles a car. The only unmistakable Subaru elements are the C-shaped headlights and tail lamps paired with the logo and branding. To be frank, the lighting appears quite disjointed, likely being derived from the STi E-RA concept displayed last year.

We are aware that it will be operated via electricity like all other drones do, yet beyond that, we have no clue about its range or speed potential. Comparable ‘electric vertical take-off and landing’ planes, such as the newly launched Airspeeder Mk4, are capable of immense power reaching rates of up to 225 mph. Considering that the Mk4 is created to race, it would be wiser to moderate expectations for a consumer product’s capabilities.

The Airspeeder does not rely solely on an electric powertrain but rather decides upon a hydrogen-driven electric configuration. We imagine this is essentially to gain quicker refueling and reduce weight, so it will be interesting to observe if Subaru also opts for this technology. Even though Subaru has not publicly experimented with hydrogen power, one of its concurrent owners, Toyota, has.

The corporation has been trying out hydrogen energy like mad in professional racing and end-user scenarios, either with a hydrogen fuel cell or a hydrogen flame. The Mirai which is powered by a fuel cell of hydrogen has been up for sale in California for quite some time now and received a notable renovate in 2022.

.Toyota is much more knowledgeable when it comes to this technology than other auto manufacturers, thus an exchange of information between the two in vehicles such as the BRZ/GR86 and the Solterra/bZ4X is possible.

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