Subaru Develops EyeSight For Manual Transmissions

Driver Assist Tech Debuts on Japanese 3-Pedal BRZ

The delight of being in command of a sports auto that has a manual transmission is immeasurable but frequently, there are certain restrictions associated with this kind of three-pedal setup concerning the current driver aid system. Subaru has declared they have initiated to roll out their EyeSight safety array of technologies on models initially fitted with a manual gearbox.

A prestigious company, the Japanese automotive manufacturer, has revealed in a public statement that they are working diligently to configure their advanced technology, EyeSight, for vehicles fitted with manual transmissions. Once the development process is complete, the system will be able to react to a range of circumstances and can support the driver in precarious cases – identical to the features of EyeSight in cars having an automatic transmission.

Subaru asserts that the MT-specific technique shall ensure that its automatics variation retains all of its faculties. This incorporates pre-accident braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure/sway alert, a lead automobile awakening notification, and a rear sonar warning. Additionally, they state there shall be no decrease in performance when managing collision avoidance and harm mitigation.

The BRZ coupe, slated to launch this autumn, will be the first application of EyeSight for a manual transmission car in Japan. Adaptations for additional markets are expected thereafter. Though no statements have been given regarding US adoption yet, Subaru plans on achieving zero fatalities among people occupying their cars – a goal that they have steadily come closer to with every 5.5 million vehicles featuring various generations of EyeSight since 2008.

For the upcoming 2023 model year in the United States, the BRZ has a beginning price tag of $28,595 prior to factoring in delivery cost, taxes, title release and registration dues. This introductory cost is for the basic BRZ Premium unit, whereas the higher-end BRZ Limited has a starting cost of $31,095 excluding taxation.

Source: Subaru

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