Surprisingly Posh Purple Bus Camper Interior

Optical Trick: Bathroom Seems More Spacious
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Used buses have become increasingly attractive to individuals looking to craft a luxurious camper, supported by their economical price tag. Such was the case for Franko, a rockstar-in-pursuit desiring an extravagant motorhome transformation.

Transparency is the focus throughout the residence, where immense windowpanes remain unobstructed. Rather than fitting out the kitchen with a set of cupboard units, there’s not a single one to be found. Within the washroom stands a slanted mirror that provides an illusion of wideness in the limited area. It’s quite a wizardry of vision. There is a sink robust enough for everyday use and a vegetable-eating lavatory. An individual shower chamber sits solo on the other side of the corridor.

The primary sleeping chamber lies in the rear of the motor coach, generously accommodating a spacious queen-size mattress. Despite the engine being located in that same segment, there remains plenty of room for stowing items underneath the bed. Additionally, two children-sized beds are positioned along the hall with further storage space available.

A duo of lengthy sofas at the entrance of the recreational vehicle have the potential to accompany in company for visiting. They can be formed into a solitary large cot when desired. Franko, an artist, fit sound systems, additional racks, and alternative paraphernalia underneath them, taking full benefit of the site.

The kitchen may be petite in nature, but it is utilitarian. Boasting a grand sink, a trio of burners and an oven, the room includes a refrigerator, freezer and storage compartments under the countertop with copper knobs constructed from unused pieces of the bus. On the opposite side, a prolonged thin area serves as a dining spot or great workspace for your laptop computer.

A rooftop terrace coexists with three conspicuous solar panels. Yet, the loud shade of purple on the outer wall clashes starkly with the immaculate interior. An inventive feature is the added wood branches; these bring a contrastive somber tone to the overall appearance.

The motorhome boasts a large array of homely comforts to enjoy during a journey abroad, and its inviting aura is almost captivating. For Franko, constructing this project required an investment of around NZD 100,000 – about $62,000 according to present-day exchange rates – which serves only to demonstrate the amazing potential of vehicular transformations. Truly, seemingly anything can be accomplished with a little creativity.

Source: Living Big In A Tiny House / YouTube

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