Toyota Excludes Jimny and Swift Models

Suzuki Models: Essential Elements

Toyota and Suzuki have achieved great successes by pooling their models and platforms in certain European countries as well as India, resulting in a beneficial partnership for both companies. Particularly, the RAV4 is sold as the Suzuki Across in Europe, with some other products being rebranded with each different nameplates. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to share some of the more historic models.

A recent survey has proposed that Toyota’s desire to offer its very own renditions of the Suzuki Jimny and Swift experienced a snag. In spite of the fact that the corporations have worked together without issues on different types of vehicles, Suzuki has been firm in declining to provide the two models, arguing that they are imperative to the corporation’s identity and there is danger of the iconic character to be affected if stamped with Toyota’s symbol.

It is comparable to requesting that Toyota permits us to re-brand the Land Cruiser. Such models which are at the core of our brand ought not to be distributed and both businesses understand this, as a representative for the company detailed to Autocar India.

Within Suzuki, it has been revealed that Toyota has displayed an affinity for “badge engineering” the Jimny; they view it to be a less expensive 4×4 substitute for their bigger and pricier crossovers and SUVs. Despite record sales of the Jimny diminuendoing after gaining popularity in the beginning, Suzuki stands by their decision not to release the vehicle to Toyota just to up their quantity.

Likewise, the Swift has been considered unavailable for collaboration. In spite of Toyota’s interest in procuring the hatchback, Suzuki affirms that items constituting a fundamental part of their image are not to be disseminated.

Source: Autocar India


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