Facial Recognition Replaces Key Fob in Latest Tech Advancement.

CES 2024: Innovative Face Authentication Display Utilizes Biometric Technology for Precise User Identification

Continental Automotive has recently unveiled their version of keyless entry and vehicle start-up through facial recognition. This technology was introduced at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show alongside Continental’s transparent crystal touchscreen. The Face Authentication Display utilizes biometric recognition to verify authorized drivers. To ensure maximum security, a dual-step system is implemented.

The vehicle’s unlocking and automatic start-up are triggered when the system identifies a user. According to Continental, their Face Authentication Display is designed to prevent any deceitful methods of gaining access to the vehicle such as using a photograph or mask, thanks to the inclusion of a liveness detection feature from trinamiX.

The trinamiX system has the ability to differentiate human skin from other substances, and Continental asserts that it cannot be deceived by incredibly lifelike masks or artificially generated images. With this assurance of reliability, one may wonder how exactly the system operates.Firstly, the trinamiX system employs advanced technology which detects and measures various types of light to accurately identify skin. This includes infrared light, which is able to penetrate through thin layers of materials and reach the dermal layer of the skin. Using this method, the system can distinguish the unique characteristics of natural skin, such as its thermal signature and moisture content.Moreover, the trinamiX system also utilizes machine learning algorithms to continuously improve its ability to differentiate between skin and other materials. This means that it can adapt and recognize any changes in skin appearance due to varying factors such as lighting conditions, age, and ethnicity.Additionally, the system is equipped with a vast database containing images of different skin tones and textures from various ethnicities. This database is regularly updated and used to train the algorithm, making the system more accurate and effective in differentiating between real skin and imposters.In summary, the trinamiX system’s capability to accurately distinguish natural skin from other materials lies in its use of advanced

Registered users have the privilege of using facial recognition technology to unlock the vehicle. The B-pillar holds a discreetly placed camera that permits the driver’s door to open effortlessly without necessitating a physical key. Moreover, an additional camera is securely positioned in the instrument panel, serving as an added layer of protection when starting the car and acting as a virtual ignition button. Additionally, relatives, acquaintances, and even youngsters can access the vehicle with ease. However, as a safety measure, children are not allowed to start the car through facial recognition.

Apart from the camera, a screen embedded in the B-pillar provides the owners with opportunities to control various functions of the vehicle. Continental has taken electric car charging as a model for this feature. The display remains hidden when not in operation, marking the debut of the company’s In2Visible technology on an external part of a vehicle.

Dr. Boris Mergell, the head of User Experience, emphasized the importance of transferring our technologies from the interior to the exterior. He stated, “It is a logical next step if this enables us to integrate more safety features and convenience functions.”

Imagine you’re on a hike or a jog, carrying a key fob in your pocket can become troublesome, especially if you misplace it. Having the ability to use facial recognition to unlock your car can greatly enhance convenience in certain situations.

According to Mergell, “Vehicle manufacturers and end users will benefit equally from the introduction of intuitive new interaction options.” This is because the in-car camera not only offers enhanced safety measures, but also has the capability to measure driver attentiveness and fatigue.

We have witnessed similar technology before. Cadillac has already launched Face ID keyless entry for the XT4 in China, and Genesis has also implemented a comparable method for European GV60 electric vehicles. Yet, the latest Continental system appears to be the most sophisticated and well-protected among them.

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