Teaser: BMW i5 Sedan Testing in Extreme Winter Weather.

February 2022 Road Tests Begin

Following the launch of electric versions of the 3 Series and 7 Series scheduled to be released in 2022, BMW is almost finished working on their zero-emission 5 Series. The company has made an official statement that it shall bear the name i5, while a station wagon variant will hit the market in 2024; thus taking on the same role as the Mercedes EQE. Now staying true to this, a great cache of pictures and a video of four minutes have emerged showing various prototypes still under a layer of camouflage; however some of them had the last headlights and tail lamps newly installed.

Despite not revealing any technical specs, BMW has said that its upcoming i5 will feature an upgraded version of the fifth-generation eDrive. The German automaker has claimed that the new hardware is “displaying a high level of maturity,” although it won’t be a dedicated EV platform as that won’t be available until 2025 when the Neue Klasse arrives. As such, the first-ever i5 will make use of the same CLAR underpinnings as the other two electric sedans previously mentioned, plus the i4 liftback.

Since February of 2022, BMW has been putting their i5 Sedan to the test along the open road. Their voyage began in Munich and brought them all the way to their testing center in Arjeplog, covering nearly 3,000 kilometers (1,850 miles). Throughout the year further evaluations took place near both Munich and the Dingolfing manufacturing plant. Last month saw the return of the vehicle close to the Arctic Circle for yet another grueling winter evaluation.

The prestigious German luxury marque has already affirmed that an M Performance version will be released, likely to be titled the i5 M60 as indicated by a window sticker from a prototype sighted in September 2022. The same sticker also contained “Allrad,” which implies that all-wheel drive will be provided by two electric motors – one in the front and the other in the back. The i5 M60 will join the i4 M50, iX M60, and the upcoming i7 M70 in the lineup.

The i5 M60 will not be the solitary M Performance-grade model ready to purchase for the 8th iteration of the 5 Series. We think BMW will also offer an M560e as a plug-in hybrid, powered by an inline six-cylinder engine. This is purportedly going to act as a supplemental substitute for the M550i since the V8 motor is strictly reserved for the M5.

Fortunately, the redesign of the 5 Series will not be a huge revolution like the 7 Series or i7 counterparts; however, some major internal changes are on the rise. The upcoming 5 Series will be the inaugural BMW to showcase iDrive 8.5, which comes complete with two displays fitted snuggly in a curved piece of glass mounted on the dashboard. Additionally, we can anticipate fewer traditional command elements, as most activities can now be accomplished by leveraging the touch screen interface. That’s correct, even managing the environment settings is controllable from the touchscreen.

The G60 5 Series Sedan and the i5 Sedan will be released first, with the G61 Touring versions soon after. As of 2025, the flagship model, the G90 M5 Sedan, will be included in the range, along with the G99 M5 Touring.

Source: BMW

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