Tech 2024 Honda CR-V: Sporty Look, Upgraded Safety

2023 Vehicle: Unchanged since Launch

Honda has declared the pricing and a latest trim known as Sport-L for the refreshed CR-V of 2024. The introduction of this trim makes it the third hybrid electric level, filling the slot between the Sport grade and the top-level Sports Touring. The CR-V base price starts at $29,500 for the LX edition – an upsurge by $1,090 from the past year – with the most costly being the Sport Touring trim whose price has only risen by $400 to reach $39,500.

The Sport-L trim level offers much for a comparatively low price, boasting leather seats, an electrically powered traveler seat, forward and rearward parking detectors, a 9-inch touchscreen display, compatibility with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, a wireless charger, amongst numerous other features. Of special note, Honda has clarified that the touchscreen will be equipped with a physical volume control button – rectifying a longstanding issue.

Externally, the machine features polished black highlights just like the other Sport variants, encompassing squared exhaust casings and Berlina Black 18-inch tyres.

Honda showcased just a single image of this model, however based on experiences with the Sport variants we already have a pretty good idea of what is in store. A few months ago, we were privileged to take the SUV for a spin and noted its altogether more polished demeanor.

Despite the majority of the selection remaining unchanged, some pricings changes have been implemented.

Beginning at a price point of $32,010 (an additional cost of $950), EX models soar to a level of excellence free from comparison. The EX-L offers similar features – not to mention a rise of $950 in pricing structure – totaling out to $34,660. Opting for an AWD model adds $500 and is available across all non-hybrid trims. Regardless of the option you choose, a destination charge of $1,295 is applicable to all orders.

Concerning the hybrid variety, the activity edition of the model will set you back $33,350, which is an increment of $950, with AWD tacking on an additional fee of $1,500. The modern Sport-L version is priced at $36,350.

The cost boosts are validated by the integration of a blind-spot monitoring system on the EX, Sport, and EX-L models, which prior to this stood as a $550 selection.

Honda no longer distinguishes between hybrid and non-hybrid trims, instead opting to make all the upper variants powered by hybrid powertrains with an additional 204 hp and 247 lb-ft of torque. The CR-V won’t be entering any races anytime soon, yet in two-wheel-drive mode it can still achieve 40 mpg combined. Honda has noted that half of all CR-V purchases are hybrids, which appears to correspond with consumer preferences shifting and this being reflected in having half of its lineup as hybrids.

The corporation not long ago unveiled a plug-in hybrid specially for the European market which we feel would be an optimal selection to bring to America. Boasting over 40 miles of all-electric operation, this could serve as an useful gateway into the launch of their Prologue SUV – their first electric SUV due out on dealership lots next year – and offer them more possibilities to compete with mammoth companies such as Toyota and Volkswagen who are way ahead in the electrical power competition.

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