TechArt Unveils Carbon Fiber Cayenne Parts

Subtle Upgrades Improve Sporty SUV Coupe

TechArt, a Porsche modifier, has introduced an assemblage of carbon-fiber elements for the Cayenne Coupe. This collection contains components of both exterior and interior trim. Each part is not only exceedingly lightweight but also visually stunning, helping to enhance both form and function.

The updated vehicle can now be enhanced with recently released components and tech, including a TechArt Aero Motor Cover, supplying the Cayenne with a snazzier outlook. Accompanying the rear spoiler are a pair of Aero Curtains (tailgate on each side), as well as Roof Spoiler Finish Plates, intended for all Coupé models. Nonetheless, the Air Intake Frames must only be acquired with the priciest Cayenne Turbo GT form. Grammar: These new parts, along with a TechArt Aero Engine Hood, can now be configured for the sleek SUV, giving the Cayenne a more sporty appearance. The addition of the rear spoiler, aero curtains (one for each side of the tailgate), and roof spoiler end plates are available for all Coupe models, but the Air Intake Frames are exclusive to the top-of-the-line Cayenne Turbo GT.The updated vehicle can now benefit from recent parts and technology, such as the TechArt Aero Motor Cover, providing the Cayenne with a sharper look. Accompanying the rear spoiler are a duo of Aero Curtains (one attached to each side of the tailgate), in addition to Roof Spoiler End Plates, available for all Coupé models. However,

It’s not particularly obvious, yet these minor transformations have a noticeable effect on the Cayenne Coupe, endowing it with an athletic flair. For those who wish to further enhance their TechArt Cayenne, the German business proffers performance upgrades which, in accordance with the engine, could bring power up to 739bhp.

If you’re splurging on the top-of-the-line Turbo GT and shelling out $196,300 why not go one step further and acquire TechArt’s lineup of exclusive accessories. You can find a selection that runs from custom rims to tweaked interiors.

These here are the TechArt Daytona II rims which come in three different styles. There’s also the Formula V and Formula VI wheels. Other than that, a front spoiler and sportier back bumper (as can be seen) are both available additions. They don’t come as part of the carbon fiber package, so get ready to pay out more if you want these extras. Unfortunately, TechArt hasn’t yet put forth their cost for the Porsche Cayenne body set, but it’s probably not going to be cheap.

Different outdoor extras comprise of Porsche Cayenne TechArt hood logos and inscriptions. You can see all of this on the TechArt customizer.

Many tuners have focused in on the Cayenne Coupe of late. Last year, Manhart heralded in the CRT 800 with 807 horsepower and 803 lb-ft of torque, which appears attractive at first glance. Unfortunately, Manhart’s version of the Cayenne lacks in visual appeal due to its garish black and gold paint scheme and over-decorated decals.

Over the past few months, TechArt has unveiled multiple improvem nts to its 911 model. October saw the introduction of a light-weight carbon fiber ducktail spoiler, crafted with a vintage flare to elevate the aerodynamic and aesthetic appeal for both Carrera and GT3 versions. Earlier in the summer, they supplemented the GTS version with increased horsepower.

Undoubtedly, for the ultimate TechArt experience, you’ll have to choose the hugely impressive GTstreet R Flyweight. Constructed upon the foundation of the iconic 911 Turbo, this lightened roadster provides 800 immaculate horsepower and accelerates to 62 mph in a mere 2.5 seconds.

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