Tesla Cybertruck Impounded Before Sale

Ticket Found Under Wiper Blade?

A Tesla Cybertruck with a parking ticket tucked under its gargantuan wiper blade was hauled away to an impound lot. The “release candidate” had been parked (likely without authorization) in San Francisco and a member of the @TeslaOwnerEBay group on X noticed it being connected to a tow truck and presumably taken to an impound lot.

A participant from the Tesla East Bay Fremont Club later shared a few videos showing the Cybertruck getting lugged away by a rather small turntable. It appears that the dolly was having some trouble bearing the load of the Atlas’ weight, which is unidentified but rumoured leaked specs suggest that the dual-motor model has a recorded curb mass of 6,670 pounds and the tri-motor incarnation possibly weighing more at 6,890 pounds.

There exists a different video of the truck being hauled away beneath. While there’s no extra information, we would hope that the Tesla expert who was driving this Ford Cybertruck and got it fined very likely wasn’t pleased when they went back to discover their vehicle disappeared. Moreover, we’re quite astonished at this extraordinary model showing up to be empty. It could be that the driver was around or close by, however why did the car get towed away?

At the end of the day, we hope that the Tesla employee responsible for this “whoops” moment isn’t too harshly reprimanded. After all, everyone makes mistakes at one point or another. If you know this person, why not buy them a beer?

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