Tesla Introducing AirPlay Integration

AirPlay: High-Quality Playback Aimed.

It appears that the battle between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook is now being resolved, with the incorporation of Apple AirPlay as a feature in Tesla’s Application Update 4.23. Despite this, CarPlay has still not been added to Tesla, leaving numerous consumers questioning the cause of the feud.

Sawyer Merritt, an investor in Tesla Motors, placed a tweet linking to the application known as Not A Tesla App. The latest version’s release notes showed signs of Apple AirPlay being integrated with it. Albeit there was yet to be any sort of statement from official sources about this, last year, Musk had replied to a query on Twitter that he would deliberate the incorporation of AirPlay with their audio engineers.

It appears that Tesla has made adjustments to enable superior streaming of sound and possibly video material to its vehicles. The news comes through @PUMVBfwd8B.

The arrival of the new facility is predicted to be found in all Tesla’s Models, including S, 3, X, and Y. It should bring along superior audio transmission, including songs and podcasts. Video streaming may also be included if authorised by US’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Users of Apple smartphones may soon be able to enjoy enhanced features when using AirPlay. Functions such as the ability to skip and rewind/fast-forward while playing back music should be enabled via the update. Additionally, screen mirroring could be made available through the “Share” function in AirPlay. It is already possible to access Apple Music in Tesla EVs.

The distinct probability of unifying AirPlay has led many to suppose that Musk prefers his in-house operating system for Tesla’s infotainment setups, and this unwillingness to incorporate Apple CarPlay is unbefitting of a quarrel or conflict. Fortunately though, a website-centred utility popularly known as ‘Tesla Android’ offers an opportunity for Tesla drivers to utilise the Apple CarPlay service anyway. This clever workaround might not be sanctioned nor officially endorsed by Tesla but it appears avid fans of CarPlay with a Tesla at their disposal have an alternative.

Rivian has been quite open in its decision to refrain from introducing Apple CarPlay right away. Moreover, General Motors have recently declared that they will exclude both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from all forthcoming electric cars, citing that the most reliable alternative is using internally-designed software instead of depending on Apple.

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