Tesla Model 3: Smoother Ride, Improved Cabin in 2024

Kyle Conner Impressed by New Model 3 on Euro Autobahn.
I Drive The New Tesla Model 3 Refresh For The First Time! Small Updates Make For A Totally New Car

Various European media sources have analyzed the newly updated Tesla Model 3 of 2024, however, only a limited number of US journalists have been able to experience and evaluate the car. Fortunately, Kyle Conner from Out of Spec Reviews had the luxury of testing out the Model 3 Highland at its full capability when driving on Germany’s Autobahn.

This comprehensive examination lasted for fifty minutes and was one of most extensive we’ve thus far encountered. Not only did it incorporate metropolitan, performance, and interstate driving, but also featured an opportunity to test the top speed on the Autobahn. Additionally, they provided a glimpse of the exterior and interior and charged with Supercharging before the excursion concluded.

It’s certainly worth mentioning that the experiment initiated with the automobile at a full battery level, since this was a Rear Wheel Drive Tesla Model 3 work by an LFP battery pack. Something that enthralled the reviewer was the estimated range of 262 miles as shown on the electric car’s display, which is fewer in comparison to the prior design.

It is remarkable that the Model 3 is from 3 to 12 percent more energy-saving than its predecessor, as Kyle mentions. Besides, the charging before the assessment was not an incredibly successful one either. Conversely, the Supercharging pause at 39 percent state of charge after the test turned out to be much speedier, with a top power level as high as 160 kW.

Concerning the driving experience, right away it’s visible that the helming presents more response than previously and seems to be more straightforward as well as instinctive. The reviewer is additionally highly satisfied with the new steering wheel and the novel buttons on it.

It is quickly evident that the interior of Kyle’s newest ride is far more peaceful than his Tesla Model S Plaid; while driving the Tesla Model 3 at 125mph along the Autobahn, he commented that it was akin to operating the previous Model 3 at just 60mph.

Kyle noticed a huge difference in the suspension of the new car compared to the one being replaced. He was impressed with the frequency-response dampers that lend a smoother, comfier ride regardless of the terrain or what you are driving through. But he also pondered if they were too soft for higher performance driving.

It appears that the heir to the Model 3 Performance will likewise receive suspension and brake enhancement, thus allowing driving devotees to choose a more tailored option.

Altogether, the 2024 Tesla Model 3 appears to be a far more adult vehicle – Kyle refers to it as the “mature Model 3,” and this description captures it perfectly. Tesla upgraded the components that needed attention and left the features of the car that were good, which seems like an efficient way to upgrade during the mid-cycle. It would be great when the remainder of the world, notably the USA, can get their hands on it also.

Source: Out of Spec Reviews / YouTube

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