Tesla Model S Turbo-Diesel: Combating Range Anxiety

Project Success Limited by Caveats

Electric vehicles have progressed significantly since their inception, yet range concern remains despite the swell in purchasers eager to secure this kind of automobile. Luckily, inventive and imaginative folks are on hand trying to develop methods to deal with this issue, which is why a turbo-diesel power amplifier for the Tesla Model S now brings about a 1600 mile range.

Having just completed their previous endeavor, the team at Warped Perception chose to undertake a remarkable journey of 2,500 miles by means of a refurbished Tesla Model S P85D which was outfitted with a turbo diesel engine. By doing this, they decisively responded to concerns about how far the car could go before needing a recharge and took to the road.

Cordless Tesla 2.0 Turbo Diesel (2700mi Without Charging) P.2

The revamped configuration, while evident from the outside, was mostly smooth. However, an immediately apparent disadvantage showed up: the diesel engine was loud, clashing with the expected hush of EVs. The constant humming throughout the drive presented a considerable hitch, even though it successfully drove the car to its goal.

Cooling was yet another predicament. The diesel motor experienced relentless overheating difficulties, thereby reducing the battery charging speed by the around 25-horsepower generator. Despite endeavors to eradicate this issue with a voluminous roof scoop, the motor could only accomplish 80 percent power. Nevertheless, the Model S traversed 1,600 miles on one charge with a completely filled diesel reservoir.

Unfortunately, the automobile was not executing up to its most proficient capacity, which necessitated 77 gallons of fuel used during the film session. This amounted to a gas mileage of about 35 mpg, correlating to that of a 2023 Honda Civic only propelled by its motor.

Contemplating the bigger volume, weight, and greater capability of the Tesla Model S, those concerned with environmental impact might be let down by this fuel efficiency figure. The YouTube channel is presently considering introducing a supercharged rotary engine in the forthcoming version of their hybrid Model S idea to add potency and streamline the vehicle more. If Mazda had already considered it, they may have applied a rotary-fueled range extender to an EV.

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