Tesla Now Advertising on Google

Brand Cautiously Embracing More Ads

Tesla has recently inaugurated a novel promotional plan by implementing Google ads. This follows on from CEO Elon Musk’s declaration of a switch in the firm’s long-established methodology that was concentrated on item upgradation and word-of-mouth advertising as opposed to traditional marketing disbursements.

Investors of Tesla have been urging the company to consider advertising in order to highlight the exclusive traits and benefits of their vehicles. At the annual meeting, Elon Musk finally responded to these requests, saying that they would “try a little advertising” to evaluate its results.

It has now become apparent that the rollout of this new scheme is being experienced by some Google users. This was first established through Twitter user Yashu Sharma, who spoke about the transparency policy from Google and then attested that the ads were indeed from Tesla itself.

Presently, the advertising seems to primarily be intended towards Great Britain consumers, even though a small number of ads relating to solar energy have been sighted in America. Notably, Tesla has opted for search engine ads as opposed to the traditional banner ads.

In recent times, there has been a marked change in Elon Musk’s opinion, conveying an increasingly positive point of view when it comes to promotion. During an interview last year, he candidly admitted that frequent advertorials are often the cause for media outlets excluding any negative reports regarding prominent car manufacturers; this being due to them obtaining such a revenue source from them.

Tesla rolled out its inaugural advertisement on Tesla Asia, taking a conversation-style approach to displaying the Model 3. A working mum puts her spotlight on the vehicle’s self-driving functionality and protection elements.

Although Tesla has never taken part in conventional “advertising,” the firm has produced promotional material and marketing initiatives for a long time. Nevertheless, covering the cost of advertisement placement is a major alteration in its strategy.

With Tesla having an astounding market capitalization above $800 billion, it is currently the world’s most valuable auto manufacturer. Despite the fact that they do not spend money on advertising, their electric cars are still selling amazingly well; in the first quarter of 2023, the Model Y topped the worldwide sales charts.

In spite of the insertion of advertising, Tesla looks to remain as a fundamental figure in electric vehicle conversations. Nevertheless, one has to inquire whether such a renowned firm as Tesla truly must settle on investing in advertisements?

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