Tesla Opens V4 Supercharger Station

Same Power as V3: User Reports

Tesla has recently proclaimed the unveiling of their first V4 Supercharging junctions at a testing area in Harderwijk, Netherlands. Subsequent to intense anticipation, customers can now take advantage of this latest state-of-the-art technology.

We reported earlier today about the imminent launch of the new station and, as anticipated, it is now live! The first 16 V4 bays across Europe are now up and running.

The primary innovation of the updated V4 Supercharging bays is a taller edifice featuring an extended power cord, connected from the top, to make charging simpler for various e-cars (especially non-Tesla varieties that could feature charge points in nonstandard spots).

The new V4 Superchargers are presently being trialed, as currently Tesla is just making them obtainable for its own cars. As far as we know, if the testing phase goes according to plan, Tesla will add the station to the European non-Tesla Supercharging trial program, which is their ultimate aim.

Many individuals have already been bestowed with the privilege of visiting the brand-new station and seeing first-hand how the Tesla automobiles function.

Fritsvanens (@fritsvanens/Twitter) has reported that the electricity output remains constant when compared to V3 models, with a capacity of 250 kilowatts at direct current voltage. This result was anticipated based on a recently available image illustrating a 250 kW and 500 V system.

A higher level of electricity production and voltage could potentially be the next step in coming days; however, the primary emphasis for the present is solely to render Supercharging from non-Tesla sources more accessible.

Most Europen Superchargers are now equipped with CCS Combo 2 plugs, the same standard employed by almost all current automobiles in Europe; this even holds true for older Tesla models such as the Model S and Model X with the use of a special adapter offered by Tesla.

Overall, the fresh Superchargers exude a pleasing look. No digital screen or authentication devices are required since Teslas vehicles are automatically linked through the network, and other EVs can access the stations via the Tesla app.

Tesla is currently in possession of more than 11,000 Superchargers installations all over Europe. Being an interesting sight, it will be informative to observe how quickly the network can implement the V4 models.

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