Tesla V4: First Supercharging Station

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Reports from the Netherlands are suggesting that a new Supercharging station with V4 stalls from Tesla has been set up and is now available in Harderwijk.

It is evident from the photographs supplied by FritsVanens that the new stalls contrast greatly to those of the V3 variety. Rather than the former’s red and white facade, these stalls boast a black and white paint job, as well as an increased height allowing for an extended cord to be comfortably installed close to the ceiling.

Citing the preceding survey, the Harderwijk station counts 16 stops; however, further information is not known, particularly the energy yield (V3 models can reach up to 250 kW).

Tesla declared on March 1 during the 2023 Investor Day that the installment of the V4 Supercharger had kicked off in Europe.

Europe is given precedence due to the abundance of non-Tesla electric vehicle stations accessible under the trial Non-Tesla Supercharging Programme. A greater cable length for connecting certain vehicles is required so that irregular parking or obstruction of two parking spaces can be avoided as various electric cars possess distinct charging inlets throughout their structure.

It is anticipated that the first V4 Supercharging station will be functional later on during this month. We assume this to be true considering the premises are set up, and it presumably only requires ultimate authentication.

At the time of installation, certain Tesla devotees got snapshots of the V4 models sans the plastic wrappings and compared them to the prior V3 ones. Everywhere the comparison was done, it turn out that the new models are much bigger than their predecessors.

As evidenced by the tweet, there exist two types of stalls; however, it is the power electronic cabinets which are the most crucial aspect to be aware of – set up near the parking area. In essence, they really constitute the terminuses of the system.

In Europe, all the brand new V3 and V4 Superchargers are compatible with the CCS2 charging port (this is normally used in newer Tesla automobiles). This ensures that all the latest vehicles can access these chargers safely.

In North America, the business employs its own proprietary port – NACS. Therefore, the V3/V4 Superchargers will also come with the Magic Dock, which incorporate a CCS1 connector. Roughly around ten locations with Magic Dock have already been inaugurated in the US.

Source: Drive Tesla Canada

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