Tesla: Still a Luxury?

Comparing Prices: Corolla vs Model 3

This year, the auto market, as well as its fans and motor press, was wild with anticipation for Tesla’s war on prices. With exceedingly budget-friendly offers and discounts exceeding most rivals, their sales made a huge jump. But what effect does this have on the firm’s image?

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Virtually all accounts label Tesla as a luxury car creator, and this used to be valid mainly due to the enormous outlay required to become part of the electric vehicle revolution. The Model S and Model X formerly cost more than $100,000, similar to the priciest configurations of corresponding, even though petrol-driven cars from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, plus other makes that have engineered reputations as superior or high-end focused.

Cost is not the exclusive element that transforms an automobile into a luxury car; there is consensus amongst devotees that soothing ride, high-grade materials, and mod cons such as massaging chairs should be considered the norm for a luxurious model.

It’s obvious that Tesla’s motor vehicles don’t have the best interior design in comparison to other luxury cars. Believing so, one might contend these cars are far from luxurious. Nevertheless, due to price reductions and uniform incentives around the United States for their most popular models – such as the Model 3 and Model Y – costs have dropped below what is expected of luxury vehicles.

Presently, the beginning cost for the base, rear-wheel drive adaptation of the Model 3 is $38,990, while a BMW 3 Series–which is an analogous size to the U.S. electric vehicle–carries a begin charge of $44,500 for the petrol-fueled 330i.

A comparable narrative is held true for the rest of the portfolio as well; with the introductory edition Model S costing just $74,990 – a price which outstrips that of either the BMW i5 M60 or Mercedes-Benz EQE 500.

Incorporating the $7,500 federal tax deduction, state recompenses, and possible fuel economies, owning a Model 3 comes with costs equal to that of a Toyota Corolla, which has not been traditionally seen as an expensive automobile.

I must say, that it’s remarkable that the costs of EVs are dropping and there are more people able to purchase them, however, for a luxury car to be truly captivating it should not simply be viewed as a fundamental means of transportation between two points.

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