Tesla-Powered 450HP Land Rover Defender Unveiled

Project Ghost: ECD Automotive’s Unusual Creation.

As we lingeringly wait for an electrified vehicle from Land Rover, the custom conversion expert ECD Automotive Design has exposed its most recent realization: a vintage Defender 110 with a Tesla drivetrain.

Project Ghost, the restored off-road charmer, is a harmony of past and present; the indefatigable style and off-roading capability of the Defender unite with the energy efficiency of an EV. Indeed, this classic British SUV exhibits not only quicker acceleration, but also increased dependability, as it is outfitted with a 100 kWh battery and a robust 450 hp electric motor.

The organization makes no reference to the battery range or execution details, yet notes that the specially crafted Land Rover was composed according to a client’s exacting guidelines. Other remarkable upgrades incorporate ECD air suspension, in addition to premium brakes from Alcon. Despite safeguarding the exemplary appeal and feel of the sought after Defender, it should be far smoother to drive.

Fully RESTORED (1961) Land Rover ELECTRIC Defendder 110 with ECD Custom EV Powertrain | ECD

The external appearance is inconspicuous and pairs nicely with the common sense style of the big British car. The proprietor requested a coating of matte-finished Quantum Grey paint that contrasts perfectly with the dark environmental accents. At the front, there stands a traditional grill and revamped bumper complete with daytime running lights.

Project Ghost travels atop 16″ Wolf Steel rims tinted in matte black. Abundant BF Goodrich All-Terrains tires complete the ensemble, and will unquestionably prove beneficial if taken away from a conventional path. An intriguing addition is also noted; an external roll cage combined with a roof rack, both in ebony.

Indoors, the environment is far more lavish. Decked out in ravishing black leather and jazzed up with an eye-catching red diamond patterned stitch, Corbeau Trailcat seats bring opulence and style to any space. Moreover, the installation of a more modern 2006 Puma dashboard reinvigorates the cabin, further adding to the ambiance thanks to its sleek leather finish and custom ECD electrical gauges instead of standard instrument dials.

A Momo Prototipo sports steering wheel supplants the original, while custom-made aluminum switches and buttons decorate the vehicle’s interior.

Thanks to the 2+3+2 set-up, one can now fit up to seven occupants in the cramped cabin that is traditionally associated with ECD due to their incorporation of Land Rover 60/40 split-folding seats in the central row and a pair of forward-facing additional chairs in the back.

Thanks to the driver’s stature, experts of the Defender have decreased the seat board to permit higher users. This will now grant the plush leather bench to be modified even further down and farther back for a more enjoyable riding posture.

If you’re looking for a few additional features, an aftermarket Sony touchscreen could provide the solution. It will come complete with Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, SiriusXM, and a rear-view camera; furthermore, three USB ports are included for extra convenience, as well as a JBL Active subwoofer and JL Audio speakers.

“At the heart of our client journey is assisting our customers in crafting the perfect custom Defender for their needs,” remarked CEO Scott Wallace. “We inquire about the environment the vehicle will be driven in, its intended purpose, the primary driver’s size, and other factors to ensure they get a Defender that they’ll truly love to drive.”

It is not unexpected that ECD Automotive has revitalized the iconic Land Rover by utilizing electric power yet again. In 2019, they presented Project Britton and Project Morpheus – vintage Defenders powered by Tesla technology.

Not fond of electric vehicles? ECD would be more than delighted to install a recent GM-originating V8 engine into your 4×4. Conversely, if you want to stay put for the genuine edition, it’s said that Jaguar Land Rover is intensely engaged in crafting its first electric product, with an up-to-date, electrical Defender likely due sometime around 2025.

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