Tesla-Powered Defender: 450 HP Shock!

Project Ghost: Unusual ECD Automotive Design Build–We Love It!

We languish in anticipation for a Land Rover electric vehicle, however, ECD Automotive Design, a restomod pro, has just presented its new creation: an antique Defender 110 fitted with a Tesla drivetrain.

Dubbed Project Ghost, this retouched 4×4 is a wonderful combination of eras, blending the hardcore looks as well as go-anywhere strength of the Defender with the proficiency of an electric car. Equipped with a 100kWh battery and a 450HP electric engine, the well-known British SUV is arguably more responsive (as well as dependable) than ever before.

The organisation did not bring to light any info regarding the battery range nor performance output; however, they declared that the personalized Land Rover was constructed according to the precise desires of their customer. Additional significant betterments involve ECD air suspension and high performing brakes from Alcon. Despite retaining the conventional look and feel of the much-desired Defender, driving it should be noticeably more effortless.

Fully RESTORED (1961) Land Rover ELECTRIC Defendder 110 with ECD Custom EV Powertrain | ECD

The exterior displays a subtle design which harmoniously works together with the car’s practical persona. The designated owner chose a Matte Quantum Grey paint finish, in concordance to the dark exterior trim. At the front, one can observe a classic grille and bumper, both of which have been modified to include DRLs (daytime running lights).

Project Ghost boasts 16-inch Wolf Steel rims covered in sleek matte black paint. These tough wheels are dressed with BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires, ready to take on any rough terrain. Enhancing the vehicle’s exterior is the external roll cage accompanied by a matte black roof rack, adding a neat touch to this vehicle’s appearance.

Within lies a much more deluxe affair. Corbeau Trailcat chairs present sumptuous black leather trim, illuminated by an eye-catching red diamond stitching motif. The dashboard has been upgraded featuring the more modern Puma design (first released in 2006) and is draped in soft leather, with personalized ECD digital gauges rather than the typical gauges used.

An athletic Momo Prototipo steering wheel supplants the original component, while customized billet metal switches and fastenings are scattered around the inside of the car.

Thanks to its inventive 2+3+2 style of seating, up to seven people can comfortably fit inside Land Rover’s traditionally tight interior. This was achieved by equipping the middle seat row with a 60/40 split folding setup and a couple of tilt-forward seats at the back.

Owing to the proprietor’s stature, the Defender experts have decreased the seat box in order to suit taller operators. This now allows for the luxurious leather chair to be lowered beyond prior levels as well as moved back for a more pleasant ride.

Other great additions include a Sony aftermarket touchscreen. Here you’ll get access to Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, SiriusXM, back up camera, and more. On top of that, you’ll find three USB ports plus a JBL Active subwoofer and premium JL Audio speakers for the ultimate sound experience.

“At the heart of our client experience is aiding our customers in crafting the ideal custom Defender for their needs. We inquire about where the construction will take place, what the vehicle will be used for, the size of the main operator, and more – all to direct them to a Defender they will enjoy driving,” CEO Scott Wallace declared.

It isn’t unusual for ECD Automotive to take the iconic Land Rover and give it electronic impetus. Last year, they unveiled Project Britton and Morpheus – both of these preceding models had their energy sourced from Tesla.

Are you not into electric mobility? Then ECD would be delighted to install a modern GM-sourced V8 in your 4×4. But, if you want to wait for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) choice, it looks like Jaguar Land Rover will introduce their electric Defender some time in 2025.

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