Tesla-Powered Datsun 240Z Revived From the Junkyard

Electromodding a 240Z — A Necessary Exception?

A Datsun 240Z electromod creation, known as “The Legacy,” was a real show-stopper at the 2023 SEMA Show with its menacing appearance and unique powertrain selection. This build featured a classic body style with modern-day touches, such as an electric motor and battery pack. The car also had a custom suspension setup and a one-of-a-kind interior. The Legacy was a hit among car enthusiasts, who praised the creative use of modern technology in a classic vehicle. The car’s owner, Mark Johnson, said he was thrilled with the response the car received and was proud to show it off at the show. Whether you are a fan of classic cars or modern ones, The Legacy was an impressive sight to behold.

Developed by Ash Thorp and crafted by Tim Hicks of Street Bandito, we were earlier exposed to the glimpses of this wild-looking ride. Today, the constructor has highlighted the course of events and the commitment necessitated to get the wonderful automobile ready for the happening.

Recall that the assembly began as a decrepit 240Z frame used to house a Tesla engine. It boasts a high-tech look that could readily serve as Batman’s advanced vehicle – this isn’t totally unfeasible given that Thorp drew up the newest Batmobile for 2022’s The Batman picture.

Unveiling The EV 240Z at SEMA 2023 | The Legacy (19)

The body for the Tesla-transformation of the Datsun 240Z is completely crafted out of reinforced carbon fibre. An expansive rear diffuser, vast deep dish-style wheels, an eye-catching hood bulge and beefy fender flares which help offer a striking wide-body look are all commanding features of this vehicle.

Modifications have been made to the mechanics of the vehicle with additional batteries and a battery management system from AEM. Their placement was done in order to create an equilibrium in regards to its weight. Moreover, there has been an aftermarket AEM processor installed on its provisiory side to make the vehicle behave like a Tesla S Plaid.

Electric vehicles (EVs), particularly the powerful variants, are susceptible to becoming overheated; therefore, the development team made many cooling upgrades such as high-power fans, alternate coolant pipes, and an array of extra radiators.

Intriguingly, at the event, a specialist in electric vehicles (EV) was also included as part of the team. Utilizing a helpful laptop, individuals from AEM and EV fabricator Hypercraft altered the car’s mechanicals and modernized its computer programs.

Sadly, the video didn’t demonstrate any views of the vehicle running. It did, however, merit a few honours during the show, such as being awarded first place at Pit & Paddock Best of Show. Hicks states that his squad will persist in modifying the car, leaving us thrilled for what Street Bandito has up their sleeves with regards to this 240Z electromod.

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