Test Driving the BMW M5 at Nürburgring

V8 and Electric Motor: Now Together

We are now only a few months away from being introduced to both the eighth generation BMW 5 Series Sedan and its all-electric i5 variation. Models with M Performance, most likely a plug-in hybrid M560e, and an electric i5 M60, will potentially be revealed this year, though the complete M edition is not anticipated until 2024. Meanwhile, the M division was seen at and around the Nürburgring, trialling a veiled prototype that gave the impression of holding the entire factory frame.

From the M-specific side mirror design and quad exhaust tips to the wide hips and aggressive front bumper design, it’s easy to tell we’re dealing with the range-topping 5 Series. The “Electrified Vehicle” stickers make it clear that the new M5 (codenamed G90) will come with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. This setup is based on the PHEV technology seen on the XM, but with more power.

Whilst the current XM provides 644 horsepower, impending M5 is anticipated to feature an output of nearly 700 hp. This should make an appropriate compromise between the baseline XM and their upcoming XM Label Red providing a remarkable 738 hp. Reports suggest the brand’s super-sport sedan will remain the solitary version of modified 5 Series to preserve its V8 motor as the M550i will be no more.

At the heart of the new M5 will be BMW’s “S68” engine, a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 that is already featured in several other vehicles besides the XM. This includes the X5/X6 M60i, X5/X6 M Competition, X7 M60i, and the 760i. With the addition of an electric motor, a lithium-ion battery, and other components for PHEV technology, the M5 will likely gain some weight compared to its predecessor, which has a weight of over 4,300 lbs. Though this added weight may be considerable, it won’t be as substantial as the 6,000+ pound XM.

Though avid followers may object to the concept of an M5 equipped with a charging port, they will likely be excited by the reappearance of the Touring. BMW M chief Frank van Meel has suggested we hold out for an M5 station wagon arriving in the Nürburgring. Following the uncommon E34 and V10-powered E61 iterations, this one is believed to carry the G99 designation. Allegedly, it is planned to be available in the United States, offering an answer to the Audi RS6 Avant and AMG E63 Estate that was tardy in coming. Appearing simultaneously with the sedan, both options should become part of the 2025 model year line-up.

We’ve had a good glimpse of both the 5 Series as well as the M5 versions in spy shots, which have served to reinforce our belief that BMW has a progressive design in store. Fortunately, neither drastically large grille nor divided headlights will be featured. On the inside, the iDrive 8.5 will provide the dashboard with a modern refresh due to its dual displays and scarcity of physical buttons, considering many abilities are attainable through the touch screen alone.

Gaining an enlightened comprehension of the M5 shall take place when the fundamental 5 Series officially unveils later in 2021.

Source: Automotive Mike / YouTube

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