The Final Audi TT: Built and Gone

Tourist Trophy Ends After 662,762 Assemblies

For some time, the writing had been clear as day; the hour to bid farewell to the TT has finally come. Its initial viewing was in 1995 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and it debuted for sale three years later as a coupé. A roadster variant arrived on the scene in 1999. After 26 years of manufacturing and three generations, the last Tourist Trophy rolls out from Audi’s Györ plant based in Hungary.

Between 18 February 1998 to 10 November 2023, the Four Rings joined together to create a grand total of 662,762 cars. The final iteration was the TTS Coupe with its turbocharged 2.0-liter petrol motor and Quattro AWD similar to the S3. In a motorized world dominated by Hybrid SUVs, it may be unexpected that the TT succeeded in remaining operational for an entire quarter of a century.

An image of dejection is accompanied by no statement as Audi divulged the news via its official German Instagram account. To mark the TT’s farewell, a comparison of the 1995 concept to the first-generation roadster that flaunts an attractive baseball-stitched leather interior has been made. It can be affirmed with assurance that the Mk3 was indeed the most stylish version stemming from MQB platform; yet we are partial to the iconic veneer of the inception of the TT.

Before being put out to graze, the TT produced its fair share of closing editions in more than a few different areas. Its discontinuation marks the beginning of the five-cylinder motor slowly fading away, which is still accessible in the RS3 and RS Q3 models. During its prime, the sportscar was supplied with an even larger engine as the first two generations had access to a VR6.

Speculating upon the future, the esteemed German luxury company has hinted that one day the TT might re-emerge as an electric vehicle, yet no resolution has been reached. With fingers crossed, it could still emerge as a twin coupe and roadster design. Not to be forgotten, there have been some fascinating conceptions with various builds, for instance a sleek sedan (2014 TT Sportback) and a crossover SUV (2014 TT Offroad).

Source: Audi Deutschland / Instagram

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