Tokyo Auto Salon Welcomes Kuhl Racing’s Midas Touch: A Must-See Feature

Full Range of Luxurious Gold Vehicles: GT-R, Prius, Crown, Vellfire, and Alphard by Nissan and Toyota

Kuhl Racing, a tuning company based in Japan, has debuted a collection of significantly altered vehicles with a striking all-gold outer appearance at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon. What catches the eye in these automobiles are the extensive changes made to the bodywork, even in unexpected models such as a hybrid compact car and a van.

One of the highlights among Kuhl’s modified automobile lineup is the sleek Nissan R35 GT-R, using the 2024 model as its base. Kuhl incorporated wider fender extensions, extending 1.2 inches beyond the original body, giving it a more imposing appearance. The canards running from the front to the back may seem excessive, but at least it doesn’t resemble the extremely ostentatious fully engraved gold GT-R created by the same tuning company in 2016.

Kuhl aimed to make a statement by equipping the GT-R with elaborate-looking Verz-Kron E04 wheels and a quad exhaust system that is encased by a distinctive diffuser. The vehicle also boasts a Swanneck GT Wing Type II, which enhances its overall athletic appearance.

The inclusion of the Toyota Prius in its lineup comes as no surprise, as the manufacturer unveiled a fresh body kit option for this model in December of 2023. Similar to the GT-R, customized Prius exhibition cars are typically recognized by their lowered stature and prominent widebody kits.

A notable aspect of the car is its set of wheels, featuring a concave finish. While not immediately apparent from the front view, the illusion becomes evident when viewed from the sides. Kuhl also incorporated an “ultra-three-dimensional” rear bumper that boasts six exhaust tips. For those who prefer a more understated look, there is a subtler version on display at the main booth.

Adding to the showcase of luxurious vehicles at the main exhibition booth are the Toyota Crown crossover, Alphard, and Vellfire, completing the impressive six-car gold lineup. Even though they may not possess the same bold appearance as the GT-R and Prius, they surpass their standard models in every aspect.

Kuhl showcased an impressive lineup of 18 automobiles at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon. Among these, six caught our eye with their distinct gold finishes, as seen in the accompanying video. However, please note that the video is only available in Japanese.

東京オートサロン2024の出展デモカーをすべて解説します!|KUHL Racing TOKYO AUTO SALON 2024 DEMO CAR

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