Toyota Prius Gets Kuhl JDM Look

Body Kits Accentuated With Coilover Suspension

The 5th generation Toyota Prius was ultimately given the exterior styling it had exclusively been waiting for when the producer presented it in late 2022. In any case, that doesn’t signify there is meager scope for further outwardly attractive augmentations, with Kuhl Racing presenting a low-level aero kit package evoking vintage JDM assembly.

Kuhl Racing, the esteemed Japanese tuners responsible for transforming a RAV4 into an incredible off-road machine, have designed an intimidating front bumper, lateral skirts, and three-dimensional rear bumper for the Prius. There is a coveted Kuhl emblem at the front, though those who don’t fancy it can simply have it deleted.

The side profile is highlighted by the 19-inch “DDR Series” Verz five-spoke wheels, which come in a variety of colors.

The outward appearance of the Kuhl Style Prius appears to be quite similar to Modellista’s body kit package released in the previous year, with the only distinction being its less elaborate wheel design. Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s performance division, was also involved in the car’s development, aiming to render the ordinary and uninspiring aesthetic of the vehicle more attractive.

Kuhl’s aerodynamic body kits are heightened with Blitz adjustable coilover suspension systems that users can adjust based on personal prerogative. To those Prius propellers wishing to scour the lower areas of their bodies, the Kuhl Style package is seen as altogether ideal.

In the US-spec Toyota Prius, a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine and integrated hybrid system total produce nearly 196 horsepower. In addition, a plug-in hybrid model known as the Prius Prime is available. In Japan, the base model for the Kuhl Style display is the entry-level 2.0 G 2WD, which is akin to the American LE trim that retails starting at $27,650.

If you’re considering purchasing the accessories from Kuhl Style for your Prius, be prepared to put out ¥3,990,000 (around $28,293 in comparison with current exchange values), including additional features estimated at ¥1,052,920 ($7,466). This could cost more than the automobile itself, yet it should help the previously mocked nameplate become unique.

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