Tokyo’s Midnight Car Gathering: A Spectacle of Diverse JDM and Imported Vehicles

Annual Tokyo Auto Salon occurs yearly alongside concurrent events.

Every year, a multitude of altered vehicles gather in Shibuya for the yearly clandestine Tokyo gathering. This event coincides with the Tokyo Auto Salon, known for exhibiting numerous well-maintained and distinctive builds. However, the clandestine meet offers the opportunity for others to exhibit their project cars and constructions independent of the formal exhibition. The gathering attracts the most remarkable cars in Tokyo and an exorbitant number of enthusiasts who share a mutual ardor for automobiles.

Although the gathering usually takes place in underground parking structures, this year’s occasion took on a slightly different form, as it was held in the multi-level A Pit Autobacs parking facility instead.


The highest level, despite lacking lighting, was the highlight of the gathering, showcasing a variety of unique and expertly crafted automobiles for attendees to admire. The Fast and Furious section was a major draw, featuring replicas of Brian’s GTR-34, Han’s VeilSide Mazda RX-7, and Sean’s Lancer Evolution from Tokyo Drift. This event had a similar atmosphere to a recent hidden California meetup, but was even more noteworthy due to the caliber of cars on display.

The highest level of the building also showcased numerous rare vehicles, including a collection of Porsche 911 models spanning various years. Among them were several RWB builds featuring widebody designs, which was not surprising.

Numerous impressive Nissan GT-R models, including the exceptional GT-R 50 designed by Italdesign, could be found at the event. Below the rooftop deck, the lower level showcased an array of modified JDM vehicles. The bottom floors were filled with a diverse selection, ranging from track-ready Toyota Supras to daily-driven Kei cars. There were even some rare American muscle cars, a rarity in Japan.

This footage reveals the thriving presence of car culture in Japan, with the country’s extensive annual meets remaining efficiently managed for a diverse range of enthusiasts. If you haven’t experienced it yet, Japan is a must-visit destination to add to your list. In just one evening, you’ll witness more unique cars than you would in an entire week of searching for them in Miami.

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