Towing with Tesla Model Y: What Expect

Plan Ahead for Road Range Recharges

Towing using any sort of automotive vehicle will dramatically diminish the distance it can travel. This is just as valid for big fuel and diesel-fueled pickups, in addition to smaller gas SUVs, and even 18 wheelers. The decrease in range applies to electric automobiles as well.

Nonetheless, there’s an issue that warrants review when it pertains to EVs and hauling due to the likelihood of having to recharge. unlike gas or diesel automobiles, which can be refueled in no time at convenient pump stations, an altogether different situation presents itself in relation to electric vehicles. That being said, this is why people often debate the feasibility of electric car towing at other EV outlets.

As an illustration, the Long Range variant of the Tesla Model Y has 19-inch tires. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it can travel up to 330 miles on one charge; however, in practice, that appraised range is less. This is true for all Teslas we have tested, and other reliable outlets have also taken note of this discrepancy.

Focusing on the Model Y Long Range with its 19-inch wheels, a descriptive Reddit post can be found that explains what to anticipate when setting off with a trailer. The post mentions the pulling capacity is rated at 3,500 pounds and that the car has been proven more than up to the task of safely trailing that weight.

Overall, the findings indicate that when pulling the950 pound U-Haul trailer full of 300 pounds of possessions, the Model Y utilized double the energy needed to traverse the same length as one without the trailer.

A recent post on Reddit declared that the two teams were going to face off in a match. It said that one team possess a lead over the other, making them the stronger contenders.A recent submission on Reddit announced that two squads would be clashing in a confrontation. It claimed that one of the sides had an advantageous position, making them the favored competitors.

The Reddit user went on to report that for every 1% of its battery life, the vehicle was capable of going a mile with a trailer in tow. This would equate to about 100 miles if the speed had stayed consistent at 65 MPH. The temperature outside was around 50 degrees F and the air was still, allowing for minimal power usage from the heating/cooling system (only requiring the use of seat heaters and turning the fan speed onto low).

Citing a section of the Reddit post narrating the struggles endured: Evoking the struggle in an admirable fashion, the Reddit message pinpoints how demanding the voyage was. The words serve to illustrate the hardship faced and that which has been conquered, leaving readers in awe at such an accomplishment.

So, we recommend not surpassing a 100-mile journey while towing. Indeed, although a contrasting trailer (heavier, double axle, more aerodynamic) could produce somewhat distinct range and consumption results, those differences are minimal in light of the tests that we have witnessed.

The Model Y certainly lived up to expectations when it came to towing, with the Redditor describing the experience as “fantastically” successful. Surprisingly, all of Autopilot’s features remained functional even with the added weight. Although the Redditor was initially concerned, he ultimately concluded that “I’d limit my towing to local or in-state trips,” which is an excellent precaution to take.

Although this writing concentrates on only the Model Y, from our experience most electric vehicles will lose slightly greater than half of their range when doing some towing. Also consider, this is the amount above half of the actual range you have been provided by the EV, not the EPA estimations that may appear to be way off.

Below are multiple videos of the Model Y that feature towing of several different trailers. Most of the results correlate with what we’ve discussed earlier.

This video sees a 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range hauling an enclosed U-Haul that measures four feet by eight feet.

Watch This Before Towing In Your Tesla Model Y!

This clip exhibits a Tesla Model Y with a caravan behind, which has an approximate weight of 3,000 pounds.

Tesla Model Y Towing

Lastly, a Tesla Model Y Long Range was used to tow a boat over a far distance in this video. Grammar is correct.

The TRUTH about Towing a Boat with a Tesla Model Y ( EPIC 4000 KM FAMILY ROAD TRIP)

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