Toyota AE86 Reaches 11,000 RPM for ‘Initial D’ Fans

Panda Colors: Iconic and Used

Many are aware of the iconic 11,000 rpm meme from Initial D, yet this AE86 crafted by Formula Drift veteran, Taka Aono, is the true deal. It was unveiled at the 2023 SEMA show, and although some builds, like the ferociously tuned Mini-Cooper that revs beyond 13k, can top it, these ‘screaming’ machines never fail to grab people’s attention when examined in depth.

As previously stated, this car was created by an ardent devotee of the Toyota AE86. In fact, Aono was the last individual to have employed the AE86 in the Formula D series. Larry Chen conversed with him and could tell that an exceptional amount of attention had been given to the automobile, from the 4AGE straight-4 engine under the hood to its bodywork. All aspects are in a state of pristine condition.

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The vehicle’s engine compartment alone is a work of genius, according to Aono, who also notes that each aspect of the motorcar holds true functionality. The well-known 4AGE was developed in response to Aono’s Formula D machine. Unfortunately, however, this car was famously difficult to manage when running its 11k tune and regular sized motor elements, necessitating a hourly service check, given its idling time.

This up-to-date design has been bolstered by a bigger crankshaft devised and produced by OS Giken, in addition to utilizing greater pistons and an extended block similar to the iconic 2JZ motor that is renowned for its presence in the fourth-gen A80 Toyota Supra. For extra strength, these components have been sold together as a kit originated by OS Giken. It is quite remarkable to reflect on the fact the 4A Toyota engine series was presented around three decades ago.

In conclusion, Aono is rapidly achieving elevated revs while being viable to reportedly avoid catastrophic breakdown. Presently, it creates an astounding 170 horsepower output directly to the wheels which bodes remarkable for its class of engine.

The builder/owner alludes to difficulties facing the project, expressing that its individual throttle bodies are of insufficient size. Moreover, conflicts between the headers and the vehicle’s steering mechanism have arisen.

After resolving any troubles, Aono hopes to acquire 185-190 hp at the rims. Even then, it may not seem like a great deal of power, yet he confesses that getting a major cumulative horsepower isn’t his intention currently. If it was, he could resort to turbo-charging however he has dismissed this idea; his primary focus presently is having the volumized engine sound of 11,000rpm.

Certainly, Aono’s AE86 also features the iconic black-and-white colour scheme from the animated series. What’s more, a set of RS Watanabe Eight Spoke F8-Type rims and a carbon fiber bonnet appear to complete the look. The cabin is actually brand new and consists of genuine Toyota pieces, apart from the Bride bucket chairs, carbon dashboard, and interior door panels. As if that wasn’t astonishing enough, this ride is running a gearbox sourced from a Mazda RX-7!

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