Poland’s AE86: Here It Is!

Rare Collectibles: The AE86s

Be introduced to the FSO Polonez, the Polish similar of the world famous Toyota AE86, renowned as the Corolla Sport and the spiritual source of the GR86.

Nevertheless, this specimen particularly portrays its inspiration from the AE86 by means of Japanese adornments and aesthetics. It is belonging to a person from Poland whose name is Piotr and completely replicates the Levin model of AE86 apart from it having four entrance doors. It’s effortless to distinguish the resemblances between the two when looking at it from either end.

The Polish AE86! A Japanese Inspired Polonez

For the majority, this creation keeps the same AE86 design traits such as its boxy front and end illustrations, downward-angled rear window and tapered hatch. As Piotr asserts, there is almost no difference between the internal spacing of the two headlamps and the breadth of the grille in comparison to Toyota’s version. Furthermore, despite having two extra doors than the Levin, the owner noted that it still has nearly the same wheelbase length.

Under the hood of the Polonez, things are varied. Making use of an MG Rover 1.4-liter engine, Piotr was able to extract a whopping 160 horsepower. Mirroring the Toyota, it is also rear wheel drive. Some exclusive installment of genuine parts from Tachi Oiwa Motor Sport (TOM’s Racing) has been included in the car, including the steering wheel and floor mats. A genuine TOM’s Racing bucket seat will soon be added as well.

Similar to the ancestor Toyota Corolla, from which the legendary AE86 Sprinter Trueno and Levin evolved, the hatchback was a very common vehicle across Poland during the 1990s up until the early 2000s. However, in present times it is increasingly rare, and Piotr eagerly devotes his efforts in finishing his restoration of the hatch yielding it a distinct Japanese charm yet tailored to its Polish origin.

Interestingly, Piotr has a seemingly rare Toyota AE86 that he is elaboratedly working on. He calculated that, approximately, three of these popular 1990s cars can be discovered within his homeland. As such, obtaining components for the vehicle could be extremely strenuous; however, this area of difficulty has never deterred passionate mechanics.

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