Toyota Celica with 1JZ-Engine: Internet Troll Car.

400HP with Stock Engine and Big Turbo

In current times, imaginative builds encompass both visual munificence and fired-up motorcars, however occasionally the old-fashioned principle of plainness can result in a strong machine that’s excellent fun to drive. That Dude in Blue recently showcased one such example; an altered third generation (A60) Toyota Celica outfitted with a 1JZ turbocharged engine.

The bottom line Celica isn’t the one you’d look forward to roaring. Stock shaped, it was a practical vehicle featuring the 22R/22R-E engine having an output of approximately 178 HP.

In its upgraded form, the power output of this vehicle is amplified to 470 hp, or 400 wheel hp per the visual account. This makes it more powerful than the fresh Toyota GR Corolla, that allows only 300 hp, from a three-cylinder turbocharged 1.6-liter engine block.

1JZ Toyota Celica Review: The Underrated JDM Legend

This build is equipped with a set of after-market coilovers, a strut brace, and a loud exhaust system. This exhaust system was essential in order to make the “lesser” JZ engine sound better than its reputation. It has a throaty tone and is capable of producing those delightful burbles, cracks, and pops that are expected from a turbocharged car.

This Celica build is anything but a sleeper, proudly displaying its ’90s-inspired teal/violet engine bay without the need for a hood. It even has a wood steering wheel to reinforce the era’s ambience.

Typical of Toyota’s renowned reputation for reliable automobiles, the presenter in the video declared he was putting the car through its paces and pushing it to the limit. Nonetheless, withstanding the challenging conditions, the instrument readings for coolant and oil levels were excellent. A testament to the manufacturer’s skillful engineering.

What are your opinions on this basic build? Can it be thought of as Toyota’s response to the high-performance Honda del Sol, which was fitted with a small engine but had plenty of internal reinforcement added to it? Bear in mind, though, that this 1JZ is basically unmodified.

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