Toyota-Powered Nissan 350Z: A Drifter’s Friend

Delivering 443 hp for Reliable Performance.

There’s no surprise why so many builders select the dependable Toyota 1JZ engine to power their wildest car-constructions given its capability of generating significant horsepower levels. Australia based Car Shop Tanoshi’s project is an example of just that- a Nissan 350Z propped up with a 1JZ and made exclusively for drifting.

Dubbed “Project Zulu”, Car Shop Tanoshi’s third build of a Nissan 350Z drift car is now complete. There were many milestones along the way for this expansive project – featuring, among other things, a maiden engine swap, the initial painting, and a first-time wiring harness configuration.

Under the hood of this Toyota 1JZ-GTE lies a motor intended to hit approximately 443 horsepower. As stated by the mechanic, this could create the perfect balance between dependability and speed. Ultimately, in the racing sport of drifting, the sheer quantity of horses isn’t typically seen as important. Yet if you’re aiming for an exceptional power boost, think about attempting the distinctive Bentley W12-swapped 350Z with around 818 hp.

The 1JZ is mated with a Garrett G30-660 turbo, a Blitz Front Mount Intercooler with self-made tubing, a Bosch 74mm Drive-by-Wire throttle body, 1000cc Bosch injectors, PRP R35 coil pack conversion set, and an individualized exhaust. It also has Collins Engineering Clutch and Flywheel, a personally made steel driveshaft, and a RHD Japan 3.9 end ratio, among additional features.

Externally, the Nissan 350Z–the forerunner of the present-day Z–sports a Nismo rep front bumper, KBD side skirts, a carbon hood, Nissan Everest white paintwork, and an underglow package. 18-inch Rays alloy wheels come fitted to the drift car, and are covered with Rota Grid R tires.

The interior of the build featured Bride seating, fitted with Yashio Factory X LZMFG four-point harnesses, a half-cage, an upholstered LZMFG steering wheel, as well as an ECUMaster EDL-1 digital dashboard.

Compiling a comprehensive inventory of alterations, constructing this drifting vehicle for the contest should have burdened us financially. Fingers crossed that we get to observe it outdo its rivals in arenas such as Formula D!

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