Toyota Venza Discontinued; Crown Signia SUV Arises

Eliminating Unpopular Venza in Crowded SUVs

For lovers of the competent Toyota Venza SUV, we regret to inform you that it won’t be around past MY2025. This midsize vehicle will be discontinued after that year.

Toyota has confirmed to CarBuzz that the all-new 2025 Crown Signia SUV will be taking the place of the Venza in the United States. Unveiled this past week, the Signia – which stands for “distinguishing mark” – is the second model to be added to the Crown lineup in the US, and features an efficient hybrid drivetrain, a sleek design, and a luxurious interior.

We had an understanding that the Venza desperately required a renewal, since the latest MY2024 version was brought with no shifts. Due to the opening cost of $34,920, one can say that the Venza offers sensible value for money when it bridges the mainstream and semi-premium customs.

Taking into account the outstanding basic amenities (including those seen on even the base LE variation), the Venza indeed offers an affordable cost. All the same, the Venza has always been found stuck between the more cost-effective RAV4 and the colossal Highlander.

The plain aesthetic and not-so-impressive performance of the Venza was further underscored. With its 219 horses, one would never pronounce it particularly speedy; yet, it manages 39 miles-per-gallon on average.

The Crown Signia’s aesthetics are anything but standard. While Toyota may deem it an SUV, its resemblance lies more with a raised station wagon. Animating the design of the former Venza, the Signia appears significantly posher with its unmistakable Hammerhead front and trim backlight bar. All combined make for a great-looking ride that’s sure to pique those who value appearance.

Just as with the Venza, the Toyota Crown Signia’s propulsion comes from a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine assisted by electricity. Performance is anticipated to be boosted by electronic all-wheel drive and produced 243 horsepower. The combined fuel economy rating that Toyota aims for is an impressive 36 mpg.

It is noteworthy that the Venza shall still be retailed in other regions, like Japan where it’s commonly referred to by its local name, the Harrier.

The Crown Signia, by comparison, appears to be superior to the Venza judging by what’s advertised on paper (even though we yet have to take it for a spin). In any case, it’s expected that it will cost considerably more than the car it succeeds. As previously mentioned, the Venza’s MSRP begins at $34,920, and its priciest Limited model has a base rate of $43,065.

It is assumed the Signia might come with an elevated cost when compared to the standard Crown sedan, starting at $40,050. This indicates that the base XLE model could be more costly than its predecessor – the Venza Limited. Nevertheless, this is all guesswork at the present time so customers will have to wait for Toyota to provide pricing data to ascertain the truth.

It makes sense to blur the boundaries between Toyota’s broad selection of crossover vehicles. To illustrate, those considering the Venza LE may investigate the RAV4, while Limited shoppers might consider the luxurious Crown Signia.

In addition to the Crown Signia, Toyota has brought forth a brand new iteration of the Camry, the ninth generation. This iconic model offers a unique experience that not even the Crown could compete with.

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