Reborn Rally Master: Suzuki Jimny Transformed

Revived: The Delta Integrale & Renault 5 in Crossover Form

The Suzuki Jimny, renowned for its enthusiastic following and capability off the beaten path, is set to undergo a transformation perfect for the upcoming 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon, owing to the brilliance of Japanese tuning company DAMD. Acknowledged for their expertise in fabricating exclusive body kits for tiny Japanese cars, the firm will show two attention-grabbing creations that honor classic European models – the Renault 5 and the much admired Lancia Delta Integrale.

Making its start with DAMD’s version of the Jimny as a French city car, headlights that recall the Renault 5 and a grille that is similar to the small hatchback all come together. White OZ wheels further contribute to its rally-motif, while the spoiler at the back harkens back to the 5’s subtle wing. In a funny twist, a decal on the side reads “non-turbo”, unlike the Renault 5 Turbo.

Yearning for an edgier style? Look no further than DAMD’s Jimny, based off the Lancia Delta Integrale. The company’s re-imagining of the legendary Italian rally hatch maintains the same iconic aesthetic with its four round headlights and yellow fog lamps blending into the bumper. As an addition, a more noticeable rear spoiler has been included.

Unfortunately, the outward appearance of these two crossovers is not matched by any tweaks under the hood. For Japan’s market, a minute turbocharged engine with 658-cc and three cylinders will be made available producing 63 horsepower and 71 pound-feet of torque. Moving onto other international models, the engine is replaced instead by a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated block – which retains the same 101 hp and 102 lb-ft outputs – minus any alterations.

Source: DAMD

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