Toyota GR Corolla: Shock for Mechanics

Owner Gets Replacement Engine Under Warranty

The Toyota GR Corolla is one of the most capable sports cars that money can secure. Because of its powerful turbocharged three-cylinder engine, it has immense power and really packs a punch. Driving it demands firmness, but you must also show it proper respect. Unfortunately, one individual learned about this the hard way, and now their motor needs replacing due to irreparable harm done to the original.

A video was recently uploaded onto YouTube by Simez Garage – evidently a professional Toyota technician – displaying the enormity of the damage. The cause is not mentioned in the clip, however subsequent clips (observed underneath) explain the atrocities in greater depth.

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The oil pan has been removed, revealing some metal shards and fragments of the casting, oil pump, and connecting rod – all that remains of the once powerful motor. A recent update from Simez Garage paints a grim picture of the engine’s condition, noting that the “valves are bent and wedged into the head.” It’s safe to say that this engine is now nothing more than an expensive paperweight.

Toyota has apparently not been open about what led to the wrecked engine, though we theorize that this was likely a flashy, poorly-considered gear change. Fortunately for the proprietor, Toyota is covering the motor’s replacement under their warranty. The specialist also highlights that the new pieces cost more than the usual fee for a brand new Corolla.

“Toyota has made available all the components,” the man continued, “and my parts list is currently priced at $32,000.”

Update on the GR Corolla

Just a year prior, Toyota received backlash for their refusal to honor a warrantee claim involving an exchange of the engine in a GR86 vehicle. Despite only having had 13,000 miles on it, the automaker declined this claim since the car was utilized in Autocross competitions.

Following a barrage of negative publicity, the firm reversed its stance on the issue and guaranteed to replace the broken engine under warranty. They also issued a declaration then, emphasizing that taking part in National Auto Sport Association and related events does not necessarily invalidate a warranty, but any harm caused from “misuse and racing” is not covered.

If you happen to be in a comparable predicament and luck evades you so that you cannot secure a new motor, be aware that it is conceivable to purchase a GR Corolla crate engine, though the process may prove to be taxing.

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