Toyota GR86 Breaks Down on Track

Toyota GR86’s Mystery Danger?

A recent video has been uncovered which showcases the Toyota GR86 experiencing a mechanical malfunction while circumnavigating a racing circuit. The ill-fated GR86’s operator alleged that Toyota refused to honor their warranty agreement, only worsening the aggravating situation.

Luke Liu, the proprietor of a video feed with the handle Lunk on YouTube, recently employed his Toyota GR86 at a racetrack. Although he was visible piloting the automobile leisurely round the track and seemingly not taking it to its fullest capability, he still managed to nod in recognition at around the 2:28 juncture of the recording.

2022 Toyota GR86 engine failure

At precisely 6:11, an eerie sound was heard coming from the engine area. From that point forward, the situation didn’t bode well; the noise increased and at 7:14, smoke began to infiltrate the car’s interior, resulting in a bright notification on the gauge cluster. The Toyota GR86 soon after came to an unexpected halt, leaving its driver stranded on the racetrack.

Liu informed CarBuzz by email that his automobile was brought to a Toyota facility, which after being inspected had disclosed that the engine block was harboring a breach. The estimation for exchange of the automobile component was set at $13,000.

The proprietor questions whether or not Toyota scrutinized the GR86’s oil pan to identify any trace of room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone. It is said that RTV has the possibility to obstruct the oil pickup tube, potentially producing engine failure in view of a lack of oil.

The proprietor asserts that his exuberant Toyota GR86 possesses just 19,000 miles and has no engine alterations. Furthermore, an oil change was recently carried out. Furthermore, it seems the race event was a High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) gathering, which Toyota recognized previously as not justifiable cause to invalidate the guarantee.

Despite this, the owner said that Toyota denied his warranty claim “due to the nature in which the vehicle was used.” Liu had attempted to explain the situation to the dealer, but they weren’t willing to listen. He then decided to take the matter to Toyota’s corporate office, where he offered to provide video evidence showing that he had done nothing wrong while driving his GR86 on the track. However, Toyota refused to accept it and sided with the dealer.

If Luke’s situation appears reminiscent to you, it could well be because a comparable episode occurred to Blake Alvarado in August 2022. Alvarado likewise encountered engine failure with his GR86 and Toyota initially refused to honor the warranty on the grounds of it being utilized on a track, only to later alter that opinion (subsequently intense public condemnation) and concluded on agreeing to finance for the broken motor.

Toyota issued a statement after honoring Alvarado’s warranty claim, which read: “The GR brand is driven by enthusiasts and focused on delivering incredible experiences wherever the driver may take their vehicles, including the closed-course settings for which their vehicles are designed, so long as they are driven in a manner that falls within the terms of the warranty.”

We contacted Toyota, informing them of the incident and they have confirmed they are investigating the situation. We will be providing further updates once we receive additional information from the automobile company.

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