Toyota GR Yaris Gets 1000HP Evo Engine

Dytko Sport’s Cars: Not for Toyota Lovers.

Dytko Sport, located in Nysa, Poland, is known for its one-of-a-kind approach to the Toyota GR Yaris, bestowing upon it a powerful motor from an iconic rally vehicle. This upgrade has culminated in the firm attaining an impressive reputation.

Beneath the aegis of ProtoCars by Dytko, the enterprisecaliber expertise is harnessed to devise and create state-of-the-art exemplar vehicles for motorsport.

One of the famous developments from Dytko’s ProtoCars is the formidable GR Yaris Proto. It has a fixed chassis and a broad, prominent body shell providing support for 18-inch wheels. This superb racing car contains a Scheffler Rally & Road Racing FIA-approved roll cage plus carbon fiber door panels, OMP seating, seatbelts and an integrated fire dousing system.

Yet its roadway articles are just as astounding.

The roadway edition is outfitted with an aftermarket-rear wing, customized front fenders, a reworked rear bumper carrying a diffuser, and also front and side lips. Still, what would really do the trick is to perform a full engine swap utilizing a significantly more powerful powerplant.

Dytko Sport is well-regarded for their utilization of Mitsubishi Lancer Evo components, powertrains and components. So it’s no surprise then that under the hood of the GR Yaris sits a turbocharged 4B11T four-cylinder engine – taken from the final iteration of the famous Mitsubishi model. Although the company hasn’t given out any official dyno figures, an estimate of the total output should be near to 1,000 horsepower indeed – much greater than what we’ve seen before in the most powerful variation of this vehicle, which has the three-pot motor.

No cost was specified for creating a brand-new Dytko Sport car; however, the website advertises a 2021 model (most likely pre-owned) for 43,900 euros, which currently translates to roughly 47,500 US dollars. The closest auto offering offered in the United States being the GR Corolla, beginning at around $36,000.

Enthusiasts who want to increase their performance even more can take advantage of Dytko Sport’s add-on upgrades, which come with an additional fee. Upgrade possibilities include a Samsonas three-setting tarmac shock system, MoTec engine management, Drenth 6-speed dogbox transmission, plus front and rear differentials. Additionally, they also offer sport seats, belt restraints, and a steering wheel.

We had never guessed that a 4G11 motor would be suitable for this situation, though now that we realise it is, we’re eager to watch a 4G63 exchange occur. Kindly, could somebody accomplish this?

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