Mitsubishi Powered GR Yaris

GR Yaris: Prepared for Racing

The awesome Toyota GR Yaris is already a tough and reliable rally car, featuring a powerfully effective turbo engine and an impressive all-wheel drive mechanism. However, if the standard Toyota pieces are just inadequate for your needs, then Dytko Sport have precisely what you’re looking for – a total Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution drivetrain transformation.

The Poland-based speed shop, renowned for their expertise in swapping Evo powertrains into cars, has outdone themselves with their latest creation. Engine Swap Depot reports that Kuba Greguła, a rally driver, now owns this red widebody Yaris “Proto” that was designed with an entirely new drivetrain based on the architecture from a Lancer Evolution. Impressive doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Beneath the bonnet lies an Evo X 4B11T turbocharged inline four-cylinder, mated with a Drenth six-speed sequential gearbox. This setup dispatches power to differential mechanisms at both wheels. Although there has been no reference to power output, one can assume this Yaris is likely generating slightly more than what it was originally specified for, which was 268 bhp.

Buried within are a go-cart style FIA roll cage, OMP raced seating with harnessing, carbon fiber entryways, and an automatic fire extinguisher. There is also an ice-cool gearstick system, digital dash display, and newly installed tiller. Despite these inclusions, Dytko Sport still held onto much of the initial interior splendor.

It is uncertain as to what Greguła has in store with his Evo-powered Yaris, however Dytko Sport’s Facebook is abounding with movies displaying their automobiles participating in assorted motor sports occasion throughout Europe. We have a strong inclination that this vehicle will certainly live an exhilarating life!

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