Toyota GR86: Titanium Quad Exhaust Tips Makeover

Japanese Tuner Body Kits From Front to Back

Tom’s Racing has recently issued a brand new evolvement to the Toyota GR86 exhaust system, featuring an exciting quad-exit design that provides a shrewd replacement to the existing double exhaust tips. This newly developed product, called ‘Tom’s Barrel’, is complete with titanium tips and holds the potential to offer the car a much more formidable aesthetic from the rear.

Japanese tuner releases video of GR86 displaying an exhaust system and internal body kits. For those desiring a similar result to the Tom’s Barrel for the Lexus IS 500, it will cost $2,490 including delivery. It remains uncertain regardless if the exhaust system is compatible on the GR86’s twin, the Subaru BRZ.

TOM'S GR86 DEBUT 全国のトヨタディーラー他で絶賛販売中

Apexi distributes Tom’s Barrel exhaust system and several other GR86 componenents across the US. Linked with the exhaust is a stylish rear diffuser that fits perfectly around the additional two tailpipes, resulting in an overall price of $3,465, including the exhaust.

GR86 proprietors are able to inject more finesse into their sports car with a variety of body kits on offer, comprising a side diffuser for $850, a front diffuser at $700, a front nose priced at $540, and a front bumper garnish costing $650.

The latest Toyota GR86 is powered by an upgraded 2.4-liter, naturally-aspirated flat-four engine, significantly larger than the original Toyota 86. This newer version packs a mighty 231 horsepower (an increase of 30hp from before) and also has a beefier 184 lb-ft of torque (33 more lb-ft than before). It’s not yet known though whether further enhancement to the exhaust system may provide extra power.

Founded in 1974 by Toyota engineer Kiyoshi Oiwa and factory driver Nobuhide Tachi, Tom’s Racing is a renowned Japanese tuner predominantly specialising in modifications of Toyota models — most notably the widebody Toyota GR Supra. They also craft upgrades for larger cars such as the Land Cruiser and RAV4.

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