Toyota Introduces Inflatable Air Bladder for Safe Transportation of Valuables in Truck Bed

Multi-functional camping mat also serves as a comfortable mattress.

Toyota is currently developing an innovative solution to enhance the functionality of its Tacoma and Tundra pickup trucks. As uncovered by a member of, the renowned car manufacturer has recently registered a patent for a distinct truck bed cover equipped with an incorporated air cushion. However, one might wonder why such a feature would be necessary.The purpose of this invention is to provide truck owners with a convenient and versatile alternative for their vehicle’s bed covers. With the integrated air bladder, drivers can easily transform the back of their trucks into a comfortable and spacious sleeping area. This could come in handy for camping trips, outdoor adventures, or even long road trips where rest stops may not be readily available.While there are already inflatable mattresses designed specifically for use in truck beds, they require being manually pumped and removed before driving, making them less practical. The new Toyota design, on the other hand, seamlessly integrates the air bladder into the cover, eliminating the need for additional equipment and saving time and effort.Moreover, the patent also suggests that the air bladder can serve other purposes, such as providing a surface for transporting fragile goods, creating a flat table-like surface, or acting as a support for work tasks. This proves the versatility and convenience of the proposed design, making it

Using an air bladder (or air mattress) to inflate, the truck bed would be secured and any loose or small items stored in it would be kept in place. This is especially helpful when using the truck for tasks like grocery shopping or transporting various smaller objects that have the potential to roll around and sustain damage. By employing the inflatable bladder, these items would be safeguarded and prevented from colliding with the truck’s body.

If you need to utilize the maximum load capacity of your truck, simply press a button and the bladder will deflate.

The mechanism depends on an air compressor unit located in the sidewall panel that delivers compressed air to the bladder as required. According to the patent, this feature may be integrated with the car’s surveillance systems, providing the driver with the ability to monitor the pressure of the bladder when it is inflated. It remains to be seen what material Toyota will opt for if this concept becomes a reality.

It is a common practice among truck owners to simply toss ladders and tools into the bed of their trucks, assuming that the material used would be sturdy enough to withstand any damage. However, although convenient, this seems like an unnecessary solution to a problem that has already been addressed. For instance, the recently released Chevy Colorado offers designated storage compartments for smaller objects, while the Hyundai Santa Cruz boasts a cleverly designed built-in trunk.

Naturally, safeguarding possessions is not the sole purpose of Toyota’s inflatable mattress.

According to Toyota, the inflatable bladder is easily removable, allowing it to serve as a convenient makeshift mattress for outdoor adventures. The patent states, “The bladder can be detached from the bottom of the truck bed cover to function as a mattress, whether for a tent or for the truck bed itself.”

This product may attract those with a thirst for adventure, but it is geared towards a specific audience and may not have widespread appeal. Additionally, many avid campers already possess the required gear and often have specialized vehicles equipped with all the necessary items and supplies.

While the notion is undoubtedly intriguing, we have reservations about its feasibility – a common fate for numerous patent proposals. It could potentially be viable as an add-on for Toyota vehicles, granting the company the ability to cater to interested customers without having to include it in the standard repertoire of the Tacoma and Tundra models.

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