Air-Tight Toyota Pickup Beds: The Solution for Securely Storing Your Cargo!

Versatile Camping Bed: An Air Bladder Under a Bed Cover Doubles as a Mattress

Every day, automobile companies submit patents for different concepts, and on occasion, a noteworthy one emerges. Toyota appears to be taking a conventional approach with this particular patent.

In June 2022, the original patent application for US 11,858,408 B1 was submitted and it was published earlier this year. It describes a unique concept of a pickup truck bed cover with an attached air mattress. With the simple flip of a switch, the mattress can be inflated downwards into the bed, creating a snug fit around loose items and securing them in place. Another flip of the switch deflates the mattress. However, there is a potential issue if sharp objects, such as steel shelves, puncture the bladder. It is assumed that Toyota does not anticipate this invention being used with items that could potentially damage the material of the air bladder, which could be made of plastic, vinyl, fabric, or other materials.

As expected, an air compressor is used to inflate it and is placed in the truck bed, sandwiched between the inner wall and outer sheet metal. According to the patent, it has the capability to be connected to the truck’s computer system, which will monitor the bladder(s) pressure to ensure everything stays in place.

The patent describes a unique method to prevent groceries or any valuable items, such as a set of secondhand golf clubs, from sliding around in the truck bed during transportation. Toyota specifically refers to this method as an “air mattress.” This invention is not only suitable for camping on the ground, but also for camping in the truck bed.

Is it a feasible concept or just wishful thinking? The proposal to create a bed cover that transforms into an air mattress seems clever for camping purposes. However, we question if the aspect of securing cargo was an afterthought that was later patented. It brings to mind the countless inflatable mattresses we have discarded at home due to leakage even when solely used for sleeping, let alone attempting to secure our children’s bikes during a vacation.

What are your thoughts on this concept? Share your stance in the comments section below.

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