Tokyo Debut: Toyota Century SUV Convertible Unveiled with Sleek Design and Low Noise Quality

Grand Sumo Parade Car: Four-Door Convertible Ready for Action!

As the automotive industry buzzed with excitement over the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota made a surprise reveal of the Century SUV Convertible. This newest addition to the prestigious Century lineup blends luxury and practicality seamlessly.

The uncovered 4×4 SUV was uncovered at the Grand Sumo Tournament held in Tokyo, Japan. The decision to produce this vehicle came from a retired sumo wrestler who desired a grand and roomy car for parades with fellow wrestlers. Every aspect of the design, from the tires to the front windshield, bears a striking resemblance to its solid-roof counterpart, the Century SUV.

One striking dissimilarity is the absence of B- and C-pillars and the roof, resulting in a somewhat awkward appearance for the elegant SUV turned into a four-door convertible. Convertible SUVs rarely achieve high sales numbers (remember the Murano CrossCabriolet?), leading us to believe that Toyota has no intention of mass producing this model.

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While not particularly unattractive, the Crown SUV Convertible has been enhanced with a refined white color, elegant multi-spoke wheels, and a luxurious cream leather interior featuring rear seats reminiscent of those found in parade cars. This allows sumo wrestlers to ride in style and greet their fervent admirers as they pass by in the convertible. The back section has been specifically modified to accommodate the custom bench seating, replacing the standard arrangement.

According to reports, Toyota engineers have reinforced the structure and enhanced the suspension parts in order to compensate for its diminished stiffness. Despite being a convertible model, it still proudly bears the prestigious Century name and is anticipated to maintain the high expectations that accompany this emblem.

Regrettably, there are no visuals available of the car with its roof intact. However, it seems that the vehicle only offers the option of an open-air ride, as there is no evidence of a retractable soft top, nor any holes for securing the roof on the windshield frame.

Toyota has not disclosed any alterations to the powertrain, leading to the conclusion that the Century SUV will continue to be equipped with the standard 3.5-liter V6 engine. By utilizing a plug-in hybrid system, the SUV is capable of delivering 406 horsepower to all four wheels through Toyota’s intelligent e-CVT transmission. Despite its decent performance, the focus of the Century is to provide a serene and dignified driving experience.

Just to recap, the Century SUV shares its TNGA-K framework with both the Toyota Grand Highlander and the luxurious Lexus TX.

The Century Convertible was first previewed during the SUV’s unveiling and is just one of two distinctive versions that will be available. Toyota has officially announced the development of a more robust and performance-focused option, the Century SUV GRMN, which will undoubtedly enhance the overall appeal of the Century lineup. Chairman Akio Toyoda suggests that this latest iteration of the Century will successfully attract a younger demographic of affluent customers who typically prefer European luxury brands, a notion we find hard to dispute.

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