Toyota Solara Convertible Pickup Combo

One Question: Why?

Do you recall the Toyota Camry Solara Convertible? Manufactured to replace the Camry Coupe and Celica Convertible, this cabriolet gave buyers the opportunity to feel “wind in the hair” excitement with a good dose of affordability and dependability. However, the owner of this distinct Solara wanted something more useful, and thus, transformed it into a kind of drop-top pickup truck.

Although the exterior and inner parts of the Solara seem regular, peculiar modifications can be detected at the back. It appears that the current owner has connected the back of a Ford Explorer Sport Trac to the curvaceous figure of the Solara, generating one of the most curious vehicles we have ever set eyes on.

A substantial portion of the Sport Trac’s back end consists of borrowed elements from Ford’s abortive pickup truck, such as its tailgate, noticeable bumpers, taillights and flared wheel arches.

We are not sure why the manufacturing of these two cars has been linked; nevertheless, it is clear that the bodywork of the automobiles is combined fine with no visible signs of modification. Even though the finishing of this assembling task looks to be of a top-notch caliber, we cannot comprehend what motive the owner had for taking up such endeavor – could it be possible that it was stimulated by the Chevy SSR?

Evidently, the Solara still has its powered retractable roof, therefore the load-carrying capacity of the Explorer has been substantially reduced. Consequently, it can no longer serve its original purpose. Nevertheless, it should still be usable for loading up several luggage or to store weekly groceries. This prompts us to think about what was the aim in producing this unique adaptation. The trunk area of the Solara Convertible was never spacious (11.7 cu ft), yet it had the advantage of having a solid lid.

The advertisement on Facebook Marketplace indicates that the car is in excellent condition, stating that all components are in proper functioning order. Boasting 153,000 miles with its 3.3 liter engine, the Solara has many more years of reliable service remaining. This V6 power plant was able to produce a respectable 225 horsepower and 240 lb-ft of torque when initially produced. Its 5-speed automatic transmission ensures that the power is sent to the front wheels.

In the event that you are hunting down a four-passenger convertible with some potential truck usefulness, be set up to part with around $4,700. It’s hard to say precisely what you’d utilize it for, however one thing is without a doubt: you’ll have an exceptional Solara/Explorer Sport Trac out and about.

It’s far from extraordinary for one of these odd design sets to reach our desk. In recent months, we’ve seen a Toyota Supra modified to look like a Lamborghini Reventon and an individual build of a Maserati convertible, made off of a Honda Accord platform.

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