Toyota Supra GRMN Could Get Manual Gearbox: Nurburgring Evidence

S58 Engine From M4 in Sports Car

Not too long ago, we observed the supposedly modified version of the Toyota GRMN Supra out and about. While it’s nearly impossible to tell the actual differences just from a distant screen, individuals who took part at the Nurburgring were able to film the improved motorcar, leading us to believe that it is equipped with a manual transmission.

The debated gearbox in this instance is a 6-speed manual, existing amongst the current selection as well as an 8-speed auto. The test driver skillfully drove around Nurburgring without any indications of difficulty when changing gears, which made it hard to make sure the new GR Supra was equipped with three pedals. Nevertheless, several of the shifts compared to those coming from the 8-speed auto felt slightly less remarkable.

2025 Toyota Supra GRMN Prototype With Manual Gearbox Starts Testing At The Nürburgring

The sluggish modifications could imply manual, but at the same time also suggest an automatic when in comfort or economical driving mode. It should be borne in mind that the Nurburgring circuit is not only for performance development but for comprehensive vehicle dynamics testing.

It is yet to be affirmed by Toyota that GRMN is what they have here. The presence of the extra wing and front canards, however, provides indication to this theory. Such modifications have featured in several different limited editions over time, but never previously have any of them been sighted while undergoing assessment on the Nurburgring before their introduction.

It is noteworthy that the prototype in the video accompanies sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires on 19-inch alloy wheels, along with larger cross-drilled brake discs and larger calipers alike to those featured on the BMW X3 M. Evidently, such brakes can only be observed on the GRMN Toyota Supra.

One thing is certain beneath the handsome facade of this new car-it will be powered by BMW’s M-customized S58 motor, the very same one featured in the M2, M3, and M4. What we don’t know is how much refinement it will get; the M2 packs a 453hp engine, whereas the M3 and the M4 are capable of producing over 500. On the other hand, the Supra 3.0’s B58 engine generates merely 382hp, and 368lb.ft of torque.

Matrix engineers and production teams would most likely mount different wings as they hone the car’s aerodynamic performance.Rumours abound of the B58 engine being heard during recent Nurburgring tests, whilst others are assuming it to be the more powerful M4 set-up. Until Toyota removes the bonnet we can only guess what lies beneath. What we can certainly note though is the new front splitter and side-mounted canards – reminiscent of those seen on the well-known GT4 Evo race car. Additionally, a different adjustable wing seems to have been sighted as well, which Matrix engineering and production staff may play about with in order to perfect the vehicle’s aerodynamic proficiency.

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