Toyota Supra GT4 Special: Fancy Paint & Boosted Performance

Road-Legal Version of the Track-Only Supra GT4

The years seem to pass swiftly when recalling that the fifth-generation Supra has been around for almost five decades. This BMW Z4-advent sports car has given birth to many special editions since its maiden appearance, featuring a much yearned-after manual transmission for its six-cylinder model as well. And prior to the eagerly awaited GRMN arriving in the coming year, Toyota is squeezing in one more exclusive version.

One might be forgiven for mistaking this for an actual race car with a license plate – and there’s a good explanation for it. In honour of 100 production vehicles of the GR Supra GT4 Evo, Toyota launched the special ‘GT4 100th Edition Tribute,’ featuring a matching Plasma Orange paint job and body wrap. Additionally, it has several original Gazoo Racing extras to make certain it stands out from regular Supra models.

Exclusively from Europe, this variant is based on the Lightweight trim level with its 3.0-liter power plant and 6-speed manual transmission. It features a range of upgrades from black calipers, AC Schnitzer’s front lip spoiler to carbon fiber side mirror covers and rear wing. In addition, the car is fitted with Bilstein Evo T1 suspension, offering 10-phase between adjustment and a reduced elevation of up to 1.4 inches (35 millimeters).

Major modifications have been made to this Supra, including the fitting of lightweight Protrack One thrown wheels and a Milltek sports exhaust system with custom tailpipes that match the standard rear bumper. As a consequence, this vehicle will be seen at the Essen Motor Show in Germany until 10th December – widely deemed to be the European variant of the SEMA motor exhibition.

Toyota are offering a mere 100 copies of the special edition Supra GT4 100th Edition Tribute model in Europe. Germany’s asking price is quite high, €68,900 which is €2,450 more than the underlying Lightweight version and nearly €16,050 dearer than the standard Supra available over there. Meanwhile, the prices in the USA range from $45,540 for the 2.0 to $64,375 for the 45th Anniversary variant.

Source: Toyota

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