Toyota X-Van: A Refreshing Change From SUVs

No Fondness for Giant Machines.

If you require ample seating in your ride, the options are primarily confined to large automobiles such as minivans and Sports Utility Vehicles. Fortunately, Toyota Auto Body unveiled their innovative X-Van Gear concept at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show (formerly Tokyo Motor Show) leaving those needing the capacity of three rows with an ideal selection!

The X-Van Gear Concept is amongst the trio of X-Vans that have been created by Toyota’s subsidiary. Achieving a go-anywhere capacity with the comfort of an ordinary minivan is their goal. It may look similar to the crypto-capable Mitsubishi Delica D:5 AWD minivan, but the X-Van Gear has its own unique spin on this specialized offering.


The X-Van Gear Concept has been devised with a commodious and adaptable inside, is mainly focusing on adventures as a family and recreational activities. This three-row template can cater up to six commuters. The front seat occupant has the option to rotate it, forming a pleasant and convenient space, identical to a lounge room atmosphere for those occupying the vehicle. The rear seats are able to be converted into a dining area, that is ideal for temporary meals or al fresco feasting while moving along. There’s a selection of six seating configurations allowing you to personalize the interior to your particular needs.

The X-Van Gear has no B-pillars, which helps make entry and exit of riders simpler and permit convenient loading and unloading of goods. The major lure of this vehicle lies in its availability, yet the three-piece sunroof is definitely an attractive feature. Running the full length of the X-Van, it supplies everyone aboard with mesmerizing vistas of the environment.

Measuring 184.8 inches in length, 71.6 inches in width, and 73 inches in height, the X-Van Gear Concept is noticeably smaller than the Toyota Sienna, making it perfect for maneuvering through city and off-road conditions. It almost replicates the size of the Delica D:5 in Japan, which will present a new-age model at JMS as the D:X Design. This Mitsubishi concept also lacks a B-pillar.

Toyota Auto Body has still yet to disclose more information, comprising platforms and engines, regarding the X-Van Gear Concept or the other two models in the line-up. Certainly, queries about safety and body strength remain, however we’ll have to wait and see what materializes once the manufacturing model is released – if it will be realized at all.

But as we consider the new minivans, seeking out features such as utility, roominess, and adaptability, it appears to be a welcome reprieve in the era of SUVs and crossovers.

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