Transform a $300 Honda to a $3M Pagani?

Steve Hamilton’s Poorly-Made Pagani Huayra Replica from a CR-V

An ongoing discussion among car enthusiasts persists to the present day — should it be built or bought? Many gearheads dream of possessing the fanciest, rarest high-velocity supercars and hypercars employing superior performance and sophisticated engineering. However, there are also those that would like to purchase a lower priced platform and customise it to exceed the expectations of the original designer.

In spite of the potential for certain builds to becoming extravagant, one can normally obtain a far higher level of performance regarding expenses by obtain low-cost components and advancing them gradually.

The affluent YouTuber Steve Hamilton doesn’t experience any consternation in regards to cost, given his collection of supercars valued at approximately $30 million, yet that fails to impede him and his squad from endeavoring to construct a discount Pagani-inspired Honda CR-V.

$300 Car vs My $3,000,000 Car!

Pagani is one of the globes most distinctive car-manufacturers, constructing twin-turbocharged V12 hypercars crafted from carbon fiber, such as the Huayra. These convey 760 hp and can go 0-60 mph in an unbelievable 2.8 seconds while reaching a maximum speed of 238mph.

Steve Hamilton not long ago procured his Huayra Roadster for a sum of $3 million to substitute his preceding hardtop model, thereby developing an abundance of proficiencies the manner in which the auto should feel and perform.

The Honda CR-V is not perhaps the first idea which comes to mind when seeking your newest, equivalent to the Pagani, vehicle build. This solution is not intended to compete with the Huayra in terms of agility though. Quite frankly, it’s hilariousness at its peak.

Steve and the squad embarked on completely repainting the CR-V with a Pagani Grigio Telesto gray coating, as well as covering the wheels and bottom segment of the chassis in Pagani black. The team also gave the calipers (or rather, a caliper shape on the wheels) and the innards a fresh Pagani custom red look.

Steve certifies that the headlamps and taillights showcase an amazing paint job. Then, they must ‘fix’ the wing mirrors to the front flap once more, but it’s not done in the most amazing fashion. Seeing as this Huayra is a convertible, it was essential to alter the CR-V to match. So, the group accessed their grinding machines and removed the roof.

The CR-V does not feature the advanced front active aero present in the Huayra, leading Steve to craft some air vents into the bonnet and incline them, giving it an aesthetic similar to that of the Italian supercar.

Following the installation of a quad straight-pipe exhaust, the CR-V Huayra facsimile is good to go for its showdown with the Pagani. The two contenders take turns engaging in various contests and competitions, which yields a highly contentious outcome with the CR-V emerging victorious both in the doughnut test and rev exam.

It is impossible to transform a Honda CR-V into a Pagani Huayra, but that doesn’t stop one from having a great time watching Steve and his team try and fail anyway!

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