Transform Mercedes 280SL: All-Electric $135K

Driving the Most Stunning 300 HP Electric Car

The electric conversion of classic vehicles is fast becoming a trend. ECD Automotive Design in Florida have recently refurbished a Jaguar E-Type, recreating it as an electric-powered roadster. Additionally, considerably recently even Bentleys and Phantoms have been made into EVs. Furthering this movement, a shop in Texas is now transforming a splendid Mercedes-Benz 280SL to run on electricity.

The Moment Motor Company in Austin is producing a limited edition of 280SL EVs for its “Signature” series of classic car conversions. Powered by a 400-volt powertrain with a three-phase permanent magnet electric motor and a 62.0-kilowatt-hour battery pack, these vehicles boast 300 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of torque – a huge increase from the original SL factory model. The estimated driving range of these cars is 175 miles.

The latest upgrade to this classic Mercedes-Benz car includes modern amenities such as power steering, power brakes, heating, and air conditioning, making it a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. The chrome gauges have also been updated, with a “kilowatt” meter and a range estimate, to keep the original look of the car while adding some modern touches. That upgrade also includes modern amenities like power steering, power brakes, heating, and air conditioning to give the classic car a more modern drive and feel. Even the chrome gauges have been updated with a “kilowatt” meter and a range estimate – all to maintain that Mercedes-Benz look while adding modern touches.

“We remain faithful to the original integrity and design of the car while still providing the thrilling experience of electric power,” says Marc Davis, founder of Moment. Our builds preserve the heart of the classic vehicle, yet still offer the joy and exhilaration of an EV.

Undoubtedly, these sublime vehicles don’t come at a low cost. Moment has listed an amount of $135,000 just for the transformation–this does not include the donor Mercedes. They have allied with Unique Cars Of Palm Beach to help you acquire a ready-to-use specimen for roughly $250,000. Yet, since every automobile is crafted to order, adding more features will unavoidably increase its worth.

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