Transform Your G Wagen: Overlanding with This Camper

Install Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen in G-Class Cars

The well-known Mercedes-Benz G-Class is renowned for its combination of luxurious features and rough terrain performance. Despite the abundance of modified versions of the SUV, these mostly focus on both its power and resilience. An alternate approach is taken by this remarkable camping conversion, enabling up to three people to spend the evening inside.

This product is created by the German business Terracamper. One of its most impressive features is its modular design, which allows clients to modify their G-Class without necessitating any permanent decay or openings in the vehicle. It links up to the back of the backseat with pre-existing points, and if you wish to regenerate your SUV to its initial state, you can effortlessly do so. The makeover costs around $11,866 (11,000 euros).

The uprated overlanding solution features a cooking area hidden from view, tucked within the side-opening rear door. Here one finds a two-burner gas range, cupboard, and chopper for whipping up tasty treats. Disembarking at path’s end reveals a bench and foldaway table – which easily converts into a sleeping area once dusk falls. Drinking and washing is taken care of via a 5.28-gallon (20-liter) water canister, as well as an 8.2-gallon refrigerated box. And last but certainly not least, a separable toilet ensures more comfort with less clutter. Cosy, yes; practical, most definitely.

The external of this overlanding G-Class is equipped with a 270-degree canopy, enabling adventurers to relish the dark while they reach their camping area. The rooftop tent opens up to furnish supplementary resting space.

Terracamper provides potential shoppers with a host of additional features. There is a 150 amp-hour lithium battery available, along with a solar panel, charging booster, and monitor for the system. Moreover, upgrades can include LED interior lighting and an auxiliary heater.

The vehicle’s comparatively petite proportions mean it could easily move through tight spaces when driving off-road, in contrast to larger vans used as overlanders. Furthermore, the two people seated up front could benefit from all of the Mercedes opulence. It has been inquired about whether the item would be available to the US market – any further information received will be added to this post.

Source: Terracamper via New Atlas

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