Tuner Trending: 2024 Flat Wheels, Bright Interiors

2021 Automotive Trends: Vinyl Wraps, Heritage Builds, Carbon Fiber

Urban Automotive, the British aftermarket accessory maker that featured modified editions of a Rolls-Royce Ghost and Range Rover at SEMA 2023, is expecting to see flat alloy wheels and luminous inside cabins become the norm for car customizations in 2024.

“At Urban Automotive, we are constantly monitoring the latest styles and trends that could potentially be the next big thing,” declared Simon Dearn, owner and head of design. “We specialize in customizing some of the most sought-after luxury vehicles in the world, and we take great pride in our work.”

Flat-faced alloys are in stark contrast to the more aggressive multi-spoke wheels with two-tone styling. Urban Automotive states that this style choice is indicative of a trend towards “retro-inspired builds”. As an example, pictured below are 24-inch custom-forged Cactus Jack x Forgiato wheels used on Kim Kardashian’s Urban Automotive Range Rover.

Apart from their external facade, these kind of rims may boost air-flow and amplify the miles traveled on a single charge, which give purpose to why new EVs are typically built with them.

In the future, daring and vibrant interiors are set to be on the rise. By teaming up with Absolute Motors, Urban Automotive has crafted a specially-colored teal blue interior renovation of UFC fighter Rico Verhoeven’s Mercedes-Benz G-Class. While this look appears bold, one must decide for themselves if they want to follow the trend or remain loyal to more traditional black or grey hues.

Mansory has established itself as another renowned tuner with its penchant for creating custom interiors. Its most recent work features a Lamborghini Urus, decorated with predominantly green tones in its cabin which flawlessly pair with the two-tone exterior.

Predicted shifting trends in modification involve pastel vinyl wraps, classic-style projects, and aesthetically pleasing carbon fiber. It’s anticipated that pastel wraps will become more common aside from the staple satin black wraps, while heritage-inspired builds are supposed to have gained momentum in the last five years. Furthermore, more advanced finishes and techniques involving carbon fiber are predicted to arise in 2021.

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