! Two Brand New Toyota Land Cruisers Available!

Locate Two Remaining LCs: Assistance Needed!

This spring, the Land Cruiser is making a comeback to the Auto Market in the US after a three-year break. Though, this new form will have crucial variations from what we’ve seen before. It’s a little modified version of its original shape, no longer the prevailing massive V8 luxury off-road vehicle. If you’d wish for the prior generation, some distinguished news waits for you: There are precisely two such vehicles ready at vendors across America, an official spokesperson stated to Motor1.

When enquired about the destination of the coveted Cruisers, a Toyota representative informed Motor1 that they could not have knowledge of where they might be. They could be anywhere. No high-profile car websites had any results as to their whereabouts, hinting they perhaps were on inventory in a showroom but not being publicized for sale.

Rather than trying to call each and every Toyota dealership around the country to see if they have any new Land Cruisers in their inventory, we simply don’t have enough time given how many there are. That’s why we’re appealing to you for aid. If you happen to be aware of a dealer stocking a new Land Cruiser or, if you yourself are such a dealer, then please leave a comment on this post or drop us a line at tips@motor1.com. Perhaps we can help you sell it!

For 2021, Toyota has discontinued the Land Cruiser in the US; however, a small number of them have remained with dealers since then. The car manufacturer managed to move 3,711 units during the previous year of availability. That quantity fell to just 48 in 2022.

Toyota released seven dated Land Cruisers for retail in the United States last year from stock held by preceding agents. It is obvious that certain individuals still desire the long-established V8 engine of the SUV rather than the incoming turbocharged four-cylinder motor, even if it requires them to spend extra money.

The detailed prices of the 2024 Land Cruiser are not known as of yet. According to Toyota, the truck should begin in the middle of the $50,000s, which is notably cheaper than the SUV’s present MSRP of $82,010 for 2021. The new model vows to fulfill its strong traditional heritage by including standard features intended for off-roading including all-wheel drive, two-speed transfer case, as well as low-speed crawl control. Nevertheless, if you desire the full-size model with a V8, you will have to search for one of the trivial amount of remaining Land Cruisers existing nowadays, since the significant Land Cruiser 300-Series is just being sold abroad.

Owners of Toyota car dealerships can surely be forgiven for wanting to keep one of the final Lexus V8 LCs for their personal collections: such a model will definitely be a priceless item in the years ahead. A good example with only 20 miles on the odometer already fetched $350,000 on Bring a Trailer; in fifteen years from now, it may well be worth more. It’s no wonder so many dealers are tempted to hang onto theirs!

Source: Toyota

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